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A hunter’s pets are his companions and most valuable friends. The process of selecting and taming a pet requires time and effort. Sometimes a pet may refuse to be tamed if it does not feel that the hunter is worthy to be its master. Various types of pets will also serve various needs.


(Duskstalker, 9 Rare)

Vornskr the Duskstalker

As Loronar’s first and primary pet, Vornskr has been a loyal companion since the beginning. Loronar specifically chose this duskstalker to be tamed to represent the elusiveness that made hunters who they are. Having been through many trials and been put to the test uncountable times, Vornskr is able to withstand the stresses of taking on some of the toughest enemies throughout her journeys.


(Scion of Quetz’lun, 76–77 Elite)

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(Aotona, 75 Rare Elite)

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(Quillfang Ravager, 63)

This ravager is Loronar’s secondary pet and maintains a backup role in more difficult situations where Vornskr would find it difficult to manage. Acklay’s increased armor provides increased viability in situations where Vornskr would not be able to sustain attacks from multiple enemies simultaneously. As a Quillfang Ravager, Acklay was initially difficult to tame due to his attachment to the herd, but he has since been able to adjust living away from his home.


(Turquoise Scarab, 55)

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(U’cha, 55)

Hunting this gorilla was no easy task as he hid in the caves of Un’goro Crater. Loronar chose Yrashu to become his primary companion to explore the lands of Northrend. His ability to handle multiple enemies at once was needed to navigate the treacherous Scourge-controlled territories.