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Information on this page is outdated. An updated list of resources will be forthcoming.

Once in a while, I run into some great resources for PvE marksmen. I tend to forget about these resources sometimes, so I’m putting this list together for me and anyone else who’s interested about hunters and marksmanship to look up.

Compendium of Marksmanship Hunter Blogs

While there is an abundance of hunters (and others with hunter alts) blogging their experiences, there are not many who blog specifically as a Marksmanship hunter. The following list provides known blogs which provide the Marksmanship perspective.

Hunter-Specific Resources

Marksmanship Resources

  • Elitist Jerks: Howitzer’s Guide to Marksmanship
    Howitzer was one of the big name hunters who advocated the continuing use of the Marksmanship tree for endgame content after the release of Burning Crusade before his departure in April 2008. This guide outlines everything from reasons for Marksmanship to talent builds to haste, as they tree stood durring Burning Crusade.
  • The Hunter’s Mark: Know Your Role in Marksmanship
    Lassirra walks through the major talents in the Marksmanship tree (Burning Crusade version) and shares the basic tenets of the tree.

Feel free to contact me if there’s a resource you think should be on this list.


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