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Thank You, and an Invitation

Today’s entry is brought to you by the 2011 Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event. Please support other bloggers participating in this event, as well as other members of the Blog Azeroth community.

Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2011Giving thanks sometimes can feel like a very superficial thing these days. We thank others when they congratulate us after earning an achievement. We thank raid leaders when they loot us that shiny epic we really need to increase our just-as-superficial item level. We thank our random party members for finishing a dungeon run without any problems. We thank our new friends and colleagues when we join a new guild. World of Warcraft bloggers thank each other for commenting on our posts, sending in e-mails, and listening to our podcasts.

Even so, allow me to say once more. Thank you.

When I returned to the game a year ago, the hunter blogging landscape had completely changed. All of the familiar faces of hunter blogging from Burning Crusade were nowhere to be found. I had to relearn my way through the community again to pick up where I left off. Of course, the friendly faces of the Twisted Nether Blogcast did not change much.

To be honest, I was at first skeptical with the presence of the new hunters on the block like Frostheim and Euripides. Over time, I realized the dedication they have to the hunter community. Although Warcraft Hunters Union has become a powerhouse, Frostheim wants the rest of the hunter blogging community to thrive as well. Maintaining both OutDPS and Hunting Party Podcast must be a good amount of work for Euripides.

There are also those who are up-and-coming bloggers who may never reach the same fame among the average players, but their contributions to the blogging community have also been invaluable with thought-provoking observations and comments. A simple thank you to Dakona, Durendil, Faeldray, Garwulf, Gavendo, Jcsway, Laeleiweyn, Lyraat, Morynne, Peregrina, Phyllixia, Quori, and Zanbon just for your writing. This list is as exhaustive as my reach can be, but don’t feel left out if your name hasn’t reached my ear yet. If you keep writing, it will in due time.

But Thanksgiving is not just about thanking; I would also like to give back.

I realize there isn’t much I can do personally as an individual, but I would like to get to know my readers and other bloggers better. If you are interested in connecting, I would like to add you as a friend on Real ID.

This means, if you are an Alliance player, I am willing to utilize the cross-realm party function and run dungeons with you. Sometimes connectivity is the best form of support among bloggers, and if we aren’t glued to our own blogs, we are usually glued to our characters. I’ve always believed that the best way to get to know World of Warcraft bloggers is to observe them in their own environment, which is why a long time ago I visited Pike on her home realm. Even if you are a Horde player or a non-hunter or a non-blogger, you are welcome in my circle as well.

While this is an open invitation, understand also that there is a certain level of privacy that should be observed connecting with people who are previously strangers. I hope all of you know how to respect this.

With that said, feel free to send an e-mail with your information to 35yards [at] gmail [dot] com, and I will reply when I’ve added you as a friend in-game. Thank you in advance if you are accepting my invitation. Even if you won’t accept it, I still thank you for supporting the community by reading this post.


Bringing Christmas Cheer to Dungeons

Today’s entry is brought to you by the 2010 Blog Azeroth Secret Santa. For my participation entry in the exchange, please check the contribution at Cold’s Gold Factory.

Hello! It’s Jaedia from Jaedia’s Menagerie, perhaps you remember me as The Lazy Sniper from my Hunter days. Either way, I have decided to stick with the Hunter theme for my secret santa post for 35 Yards Out.

Now, while I don’t play my Hunter any more as my main, I have gone ahead and done a little bit of Hunter based reading to get up to speed when I level her.. most of it was looking at the new pets on Petopia, I won’t lie, but I did read a little about the Survival spec and rotation as well, and I have been doing a few heroics alongside Hunters and have noticed what it would be nice to see more of. So I’m going to give a few tips on how to keep the holiday cheer running in your dungeon groups—because nobody wants to wipe at Christmas!

The first thing valuable thing to note here is trapping. You will need to use your traps for CC now. At 48, you get Trap Launcher – use it! It’s just like Freezing Arrow, which was a ranged Freezing Trap back in Wrath which was never really used, except you can use this move it for any trap. Aim it so that it lands just in front of the mob you want to trap. Don’t forget as well you can use Camouflage for extra safety if you need to get close, and Disengage if you need to get away fast, just watch where you’re aiming when you use it. Freezing Trap will be used for most CC, it’s particularly good because it can be used on any enemy target, especially if you’re given a mark to use it on, though don’t always expect to be given one when it might come in useful, sometimes it’s best just to do it and hope nobody is stupid enough to break it. Frost Trap is great too if there are a lot of mobs that it might be useful to slow.

A very important aspect of the Hunter class is pet management – knowing when to pull your pet out, send it in, heal it up, and which abilities need to be turned off and on. Make sure your pet is set up right. You can have them set to defensive but if they start going awol and pulling things at random, put it on passive and macro /petattack to your main moves. Also, turn off growl if you don’t want to anger your tank. Seriously. I recommend you have a /petfollow macro on your hotbars somewhere so that you can easily pull your pet out of the bad.

You will also have a move called Misdirect. Use this on your tank whenever it’s off cooldown, especially for boss pulls. If they are offended by your use of a threat boost for them, get a new tank, they are stupid. Any threat boost is brilliant, no matter how good a tank they might be. It was the same in Wrath, even more so now that tanks struggle more with threat generation.

If all else fails – Feign Death.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Fox with a Santa hat

The View from 35 Yards


Following in the footsteps of Kestrel, Matticus, and Jess, I’ve decided to put up my humble desk setup at school and what you would see when I play World of Warcraft. It’s a testimony that you don’t have to have a shiny system to play the game or be using that much extra equipment.

  • Dell Inspiron 700m, 2.0 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM, 40 GB Hard Drive
    (I’ve been using the same computer for almost 4 years now. It has endured beatings and many games of intense graphics, the first of which was Battle for Middle Earth.)
  • AcomData E5 250 GB External Hard Drive
    (This is where I run World of Warcraft from now.)
  • Samsung SyncMaster 151V 15″ Monitor
    (Most of the time, this monitor is turned off. I usually only use it when I’m doing work, WoW-related or not, and need a second screen for quick reference. As a matter of fact, I have the GPSA Engineering Data Book open.)
  • TDK Tremor Xa-10 Speakers
    (They’re the orange things. I started using external speakers when my laptop finally succumbed last month to the design flaw that causes its speaker cables to fatigue and break with age.)

I’d be interested in seeing what you’re using to play. It’s always fun to see what other people can come up with to enhance their gaming environment.

That about wraps it up this week for the generic posts to ease me back from vacation into the mood of writing more hunter-related stuff, which will start to appear again next week. If you find spare time this weekend, go check out the All Things Azeroth podcast episode 97. I managed to sit in on their recording session, which was full of fun.

Discussing Gender Re-Customization

The Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick Breana asked viewers of Twisted Nether episode 27 to discuss the ramifications of Blizzard’s new option for character re-customization: gender change.

First of all, a little background. When Blizzard introduced the paid character name change more than a year ago, this sort of change also brought much discussion in the community. A player can create a seemingly entire new identity, especially if he or she is trying to escape a bad reputation. However, the hyped up masses of people who would change their character names did not seem to surface. It was a non-hype. More established players were unlikely to change their character names because they wouldn’t want to have to recreate well-built identities.

So what would gender change bring?

First, consider the role of gender identity in the game. I had a male friend who chose to play a female druid. A few male members in our guild also play female characters. Of course, Ventrilo clears up any confusion as to the player’s true gender. What about when one runs into a female character elsewhere in the server. I will admit that, oftentimes, I see female characters as automatically female players and male characters as automatically male players. Heck, my friend has previously been assumed as being a female.

Second, consider that the majority of the players are well established into their own characters, thus it is unlikely that they would willingly change genders. For a fee of $15, the price is a bit high to be used for vanity purposes. If one had wanted to play the other gender, they generally would have done so since the beginning or will have an alt of the opposite gender.

Gender customization is there for the option. If you do want to change the gender of your character, the ability to do so is available. However, it is unlikely that the use will be widespread. It was also wise for Blizzard to limit character re-customization and to not offer class and racial changes. Though to be honest, we’ve gone through a long period without gender re-customization, so why the need now?

Well, I never…

This piece is a contribution to the shared topic feature of Blog Azeroth on events and goals that you never thought you’d achieve.

We’re less than three weeks shy of our 1-year anniversary of playing WoW. What better way to reminisce other than looking back at some of the things we never thought we’d accomplish?

Well, I never…

…wanted to play an MMO.

The concept of MMOs, though appealing because of interactive content, never really got a hold of me. I wanted to play Star Wars: Galaxies when it was announced, but circumstances in life prevented me from doing so. Being a Star Wars fan, that was obvious. I had not even considered playing WoW for the longest time. I really think this game will be my first and last MMO, so I’ll make the best of out it.

…thought I would be playing for this long.

Given my history with video games, I probably would have quit WoW a few months ago. I have a tendency to stop playing after several months because I like exploring new games rather than sticking around with one. I’d have to say, the new content keeps drawing me back, and the community that we have in this game is amazing.

…could have raided.

This is not about being able to be geared to get into a raid. I remember being such a newbie at all the gear statistics and not understanding what things like Hit Rating was. How could I have raided when I was so bad at knowing all my abilities front and back? Look where I am now, even writing guides for hunters to raid. I strictly follow the hit cap rule and plan my upgrades around them. I know how shot rotations work, and I know how to maximize my DPS (as a marksman).

…will get to go into Sunwell Plateau.

Never say never. The first week that Patch 2.4 came out, I didn’t know my way around the Isle of Quel’danas just like everyone else. When I got my first group for Magisters’ Terrace, I mistakenly headed south towards Sunwell Plateau instead of east. I was in Sunwell Plateau looking around, albeit for 15 seconds or so before realizing I was in the wrong place.

…realized how much Ranged Attack Power a hunter can have.

Seriously, it keeps increasing like no one’s business. I’m up to 2646 buffed with Aspect of the Hawk and Trueshot Aura since upgrading to [Belt of the Silent Path] and [Angelista’s Revenge]. I’ve seen Marksmanship hunters in Sunwell with 2900+ RAP.

…would have blogged about WoW.

This is a thanks to all of my readers. This blog would not be where it is today without you.