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Mists of Pandaria

Hunter Midnight Launch Reminders

With less than 24 hours to go (and less than 12 hours in Europe) to a midnight launch, those who have pre-purchased Mists of Pandaria will want to go over their final preparations for exploring the continent of Pandaria. Tips are already abound from the blogosphere, such as this one from Tabana at the WoW Hunters Hall. Frostheim also recently wrote up an overview of hunter leveling to 90.

If you are still looking for more tips to make your hunter’s midnight launch go smoothly, use this brief checklist as well.

Bring one or two pets with you only. While it may be tempting to bring five pets in your immediate stable to be able to use stampede as soon as it becomes available, Pandaria has a whole slew of new pets and models to tame. This will enable you to immediately start tracking the new rare pets if you come across their tracks instead of figuring out later which pet you want to abandon. If you are only bringing one pet, take one that can be multipurpose for DPS in dungeons and tanking for solo questing. Otherwise you can bring a dedicated ferocity and a dedicated tenacity pet.

Check your talents. Many testers have already said that the three specializations don’t make a difference during leveling, so choose one that comes to you naturally. Pick up talents that you think will be useful for your own leveling method. I will be leveling as Marksmanship.

Toggle Trap Launcher on. You may have noticed this in the weeks since Patch 5.0.4  rolled out, but Trap Launcher can now be permanently toggled on such that you do not to click the ability every time you want to launch a new trap. If you haven’t already done so, now will be a good time to begin getting used to using it for easy access during leveling.

Are you doing anything special to prepare for your midnight launch?


Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer in Chinese

I’m sure you have all seen the Mists of Pandaria cinematic trailer countless times by now. Do you want to watch it again with a new perspective? I recommend watching it in Mandarin Chinese, whether or not you actually understand the language.

While you’re at it, why not watch the rest of the cinematic trailers in Chinese as well?

These are all from the Taiwan version of World of Warcraft.

My ears are already trained to recognize the sounds of the Chinese language, so these trailers are as epic to me as their English counterparts. One of the reasons I enjoy watching these is because the Chinese language has a way with words that make some statements carry deeper meanings. Tonal accents allow certain parts of statements to have greater emphasis in their message. This is true even for the Mists of Pandaria trailer.

For an expansion that encompasses all cultural aspects of the Sinosphere, it’s only natural that this one must be translated carefully into the Chinese language. Because certain aspects of Pandaren culture (e.g. balance and harmony) may have parallels with Sinic cultures, translations must be accurate so that they convey the appropriate meaning.

Personally, I would love to be able to play this expansion using a Chinese-language client to fully immerse myself in the environment.

Glyph Conversion in Mists of Pandaria

50 days! Are you ready? One of the upcoming changes in the Mists of Pandaria pre-launch patch is the glyph system. These are the general changes from the Public Test Realms (PTR):

  • Prime glyphs no longer exist. All prime glyphs have been converted to major and minor glyphs.
  • Currently, all glyphs require only level 25 to learn. This might only be for testing purposes and can change at launch.

Hunters will have a total of 35 glyphs in Mists of Pandaria, an increase from 31 in Cataclysm.

Cataclysm Type Mists of Pandaria
Glyph of Aimed Shot Prime → Minor Glyph of Aspects
Glyph of Arcane Shot Prime → Major Glyph of Camouflage
Glyph of Chimera Shot Prime → Major Glyph of Chimera Shot
Glyph of Explosive Shot Prime → Major Glyph of Tranquilizing Shot
Glyph of Kill Command Prime → Major Glyph of Mend Pet
Glyph of Kill Shot Prime → Minor Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah
Glyph of Rapid Fire Prime → Major Glyph of Pathfinding
Glyph of Serpent Sting Prime → Minor Glyph of Tame Beast
Glyph of Steady Shot Prime → Major Glyph of Scattering
Glyph of the Dazzled Prey Prime → Major Glyph of Animal Bond
Glyph of Bestial Wrath Major Glyph of Endless Wrath
Glyph of Concussive Shot Major Glyph of Distracting Shot
Glyph of Deterrence Major Glyph of Deterrence
Glyph of Disengage Major Glyph of Disengage
Glyph of Freezing Trap Major Glyph of Freezing Trap
Glyph of Ice Trap Major Glyph of Ice Trap
Glyph of Immolation Trap Major Glyph of Explosive Trap
Glyph of Master’s Call Major Glyph of Master’s Call
Glyph of Mending Major Glyph of Mending
Glyph of Misdirection Major Glyph of Misdirection
Glyph of Raptor Strike Major Glyph of Mirrored Blades
Glyph of Scatter Shot Major Glyph of Scatter Shot
Glyph of Silencing Shot Major Glyph of No Escape
Glyph of Snake Trap Major Glyph of Snake Trap
Glyph of Trap Launcher Major Glyph of Marked For Death
Glyph of Wyvern Sting Major Glyph of Icy Solace
Glyph of Aspect of the Pack Minor Glyph of Aspect of the Pack
Glyph of Feign Death Minor Glyph of Fireworks
Glyph of Lesser Proportion Minor Glyph of Lesser Proportion
Glyph of Revive Pet Minor Glyph of Revive Pet
Glyph of Scare Beast Minor Glyph of Stampede
None Minor Glyph of Aspect of the Beast
None Minor Glyph of Direction
None Minor Glyph of Fetch
None Minor Glyph of Marking

Four glyphs have new effects while keeping the same name.

  • Glyph of Chimera Shot
  • Glyph of Deterrence
  • Gylph of Disengage
  • Glyph of Snake Trap

Nine glyphs have not changed in their effects.

  • Glyph of Aspect of the Pack
  • Glyph of Freezing Trap
  • Glyph of Ice Trap
  • Glyph of Lesser Proportion
  • Glyph of Master’s Call
  • Glyph of Mending
  • Glyph of Misdirection
  • Glyph of Revive Pet
  • Glyph of Scatter Shot

The ten prime glyphs have been converted to seven major glyphs and three minor glyphs. With the addition of four new minor glyphs, Mists of Pandaria will have a total of 23 major glyphs and 12 minor glyphs.

Because the IDs of all old glyphs are being re-used, you will not have to re-learn the equivalent new glyph if you have learned the old version prior to the patch. You will, however, need to acquire the four new glyphs yourself.

For a similar chart of glyphs for other classes, check them out at The Stoppable Force.

Mists of Pandaria: 9/25/2012

Available in Digital Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Edition

We interrupt this broadcast…


…to show you the coolest non-hunter thing to drop on the PTR! It looks more gorgeous in person than in videos and screenshots. Trust me. This makes me want to finish leveling my druid for Mists.