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The Blue Child

There is a picture from an MMO Champion thread that making its rounds among lore enthusiasts.

As a Burning Crusade baby, I never realized that Azeroth once had two moons. The sky I have always seen in Azeroth is that with a single moon, the White Lady. However, the one pictured above, the Blue Child, will soon make its return in Mists of Pandaria. According to lore, the Blue Child was sent away by the Earthmother prior to the arrival of the Burning Legion. Its return now must mean that Azeroth is safe from the Burning Legion for now.

I’m still playing. Most of the time I will only log in for our weekly raids, in which we recently killed our fourth heroic boss, Warlord Zon’ozz. Aside from that, I’ve started doing a lot of PvP and gathering some gear for it. Continuous environment changes such as the one above is one of the reasons I will continue playing World of Warcraft as long as I can because even older continents get some love in the newest expansions.


8 responses

  1. Just sent it away?

    I kinda hope they go into more detail than that because why would the Earthmother just send the moon away? What’s so special about that dang moon?

    I’m excited. I too was a BC baby, so I never got to see the two moons.

    Why would she send the moon away?

    28 March 2012 at 09:01

  2. Presumably, to protect the the child. I remember seeing a pic shortly after I started playing, a screenshot of the 2 moons if I recall, but man that was so long ago. I never did check it out for myself and then time went on and BC came and yea… end story. I don’t remember before BC tbh.

    I hope they let us know more about what happened, the why for sending the Blue Child away and the why for the return. Thin

    28 March 2012 at 09:14

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  4. Omogon

    I had not thought of this for years …but I do have a vague memory of their being two moons when I first played. I bought WoW vanilla in a shop and it took me over a year to get to level 60 …the I stopped for a while befor I bought BC. I miss old Stormwind and Dun Morough and especially Loch Modan…..I hate what they did to my favourite zone

    28 March 2012 at 11:59

  5. This is pretty cool. Not thinking of lore, gameplay or anything else except myself; I want my fantasy world to be a bit different than our IRL planet. I really liked that about Outlands; it was really really different. So yay. :)

    29 March 2012 at 10:51

  6. I don’t think I ever realized the 2 moons thing. Very neat tid bit.

    19 April 2012 at 13:39

  7. Mighty Zombie

    The bit about the moon being sent away prior to the arrival of the Burning Legion is not real lore. It was said jokingly by a GM in response to a ticket about it, and was taken for truth and posted in the WoWWiki.

    The moon was removed due to a skybox glitch that wasn’t resolved, until recently.

    28 August 2012 at 14:56

  8. Merely considered a few of yoսr photos (: i’m really glad i rdached job shaɗow you.
    You’re fantastic!

    5 August 2014 at 11:31

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