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Chuck Norris, Hunter?

As of yesterday, hunters around the world gained themselves a new mascot: Chuck Norris. In a cryptic narration, the announcer explains that despite being a hunter, he does not hunt because “hunting would imply the possibility of failure”. One has to wonder why hunting would even imply something like that.

Blizzard unveiled the newest of its “What’s your game?” line of advertisements yesterday afternoon on U.S. national television. Because it also aired during a major sports event, it is assumed that millions of viewers across the country watched the commercial. I’m sure this is a strategic move because it provides maximum exposure on a weekend when many families are considering gifts for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. The message from this advertisement takes a different approach from the older members of the line because Norris generally has a more respectable image compared to previously featured celebrities like Mr. T and Ozzy Osbourne.

Real-life implications and Chuck Norris “facts” aside, the advertisement itself does not accurately portray hunters very well, but it can also show a potential direction for us as well. The developers of the game began shifting the class away from melee abilities after Burning Crusade with the removal of many melee talents from the Survival tree. This led to the demise of many melee hunter experiments, including the highly publicized blog of Gweryc Halfhand from that expansion. With Mists of Pandaria fast approaching and talent trees redesigned once again, will there be an opportunity for the return of melee hunters?

There is a bright side to Norris’s portrayal of hunters. His white tiger pet, one of the most unique cat skins in the game, is depicted as a comrade whom Norris can trust to protect his back. This reinforces the image that hunter pets are not merely tools but also lifelong friends.

What do you think of Chuck Norris’s portrayal of hunters?


2 responses

  1. I thought they were taking melee weapons away from Hunters with MoP? Isn’t that why they are removing the minimum range of bows/guns?

    ~ Effy

    21 November 2011 at 12:26

    • While they did say that, technically it’s the other way around. From the way they explained that hunters will still be able to equip melee items for cosmetic purposes, it appears what they’re taking away are actually the ranged and relic slots.

      Consequently, guns, bows, and crossbows actually become two-handed weapons just like the way hunters would equip polearms, staves, etc. today. When melee weapons are equipped, ranged weapons will be unequipped.

      21 November 2011 at 18:12

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