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Server First Tames: Anthriss, Solix, Skarr

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you some server first tames from the Molten Front!




This is not a joke. As proof, here is the direct link to Skarr in my stable. Anthriss and Solix models have not been uploaded into the Armory yet. For more details on my taming, head over to the Petopia forums where I summarized how I went about taming them.

How did this happen you ask? It was nothing short of a miracle.

Eredar is an Eastern time zone server, whose dailies are supposed to reset at 4 a.m. I returned to the Sanctuary of Malorne at 3:30 intending to wait for the daily reset, except I found out that it had already reset, so I actually managed to get 16 Marks of the World Tree on the first day. At 4 a.m., the dailies reset again, giving me another 4 Marks of the World Tree, thus completing the 20 I needed to turn in to get into the Molten Front. I was one of only a handful of people who discovered this, so the Molten Front was very sparsely populated.

This is not the only reported case of a double daily reset, as several people on the Petopia forums have also gotten server first tames.

I am requesting name suggestions for these three pets!

Best of luck to everyone hunting them and the other new rare pets.

P.S. Deth’tilac is scary!


4 responses

  1. Nochecazador


    I’m only interested in Skarr. He is awesome looking.

    29 June 2011 at 19:40

  2. Wrislen

    ah damn, you’re on eredar? I am too :)

    I definitely want to get Skarr, and maybe one of the spiders and the bird spirit beast.

    I also want to go out and grab a few of the recolors from this patch, they look pretty cool.

    30 June 2011 at 08:23

    • First time meeting another Eredarian! Thanks for coming by! Are you Alliance or Horde?

      30 June 2011 at 14:02

  3. Nice – big Gratz on the new pets :)

    1 July 2011 at 05:32

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