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PTR 4.2: Firelands and Baradin Hold

Firelands was opened for testing yesterday for approximately 2 hours on the Public Test Realms. Beth’tilac, a lava spider boss, was the subject of the test, and Blizzard made it easier for eager testers to experience the encounter by removing all trash mobs from the raid area. About an hour prior to the raid’s opening, I joined Matticus and his guildmates from Conquest to prepare for a tour of Firelands and the new Baradin Hold encounter.

The raid environment of Firelands is very new and different from what we’ve all seen in Molten Core. From the lava pools to the fiery spider webs, the texture of the landscape was visually refreshing. Beth’tilac has a mechanic somewhat reminiscent of Magmaw, except with tiny spiders instead of maggots. We were able to learn that these spiders have predefined spawn points near tiny eggs around the edge of the room. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to be killed before a server shutdown was initiated.

You can find more details about the encounter at Wowhead News.

Eager adventurers await the opening of Firelands in front of Sulfuron Spire.

Firelands has a very innovative environment and is very different from the Molten Core we are all familiar with.

Beth tilac, the first encounter of Firelands, will probably serve as a gear check for this raid and has some very new mechanics.

After Firelands was closed for testing for the day, we dashed toward Baradin Hold before a server shutdown to dip our feet in the Occu’thar encounter. (You will notice its name is quite similar to Immol’thar in Dire Maul.) Its 54 million HP, which is more than Beth’tilac, can make you buckle in your knees. We still do not know much about how to defeat it, except that it spawns eyes and void zones. Our last attempt had us try the mechanic used against Theralion when dealing with void zones.

Not much is currently known about Occu thar, the new boss within Baradin Hold. However, unlike Argaloth, it is not to be taken lightly with 54 million HP.

It’s definitely a refreshing experience to enter raids blind, not knowing what abilities bosses have. Each attempt is a learning experience, and we definitely were tested in our ability to be aware of the raid environment and learn from previous encounters as well.

Later today, we will go back to the PTR to have a try at Lord Rhyolith. If you would like to have a glance at the encounter, join us on Conquest’s live stream at 6:30 p.m. Eastern (3:30 p.m. Pacific).


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