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PTR 4.2: Utility Changes

The Public Test Realms received an update last night, most of which seem to be pointed toward improving utility. There are 4 items of note for hunters, most of which seem to revolve around our utility, rather than offensive, abilities.

  • The Aggressive pet stance has been removed and replaced with the Assist stance. This stance will cause the player’s pet to attack the player’s target. The pet will not change targets unless the master attacks a new target for a few seconds.

Sometimes it’s fun putting your pet on aggressive in a low-level area and watch it go berserk on mobs. The Assist stance sounds a lot like the Defensive stance. I’m guessing the difference now is that the pet can change targets mid-fight using the new stance, which may still be situational and will take some time to get used to. If done correctly, this may help with target switching in Omnotron Defense System.

  • Multi-shot damage has been reduced. It now deals 120% weapon damage at level 80 or higher, down from 137%.

For those who are keeping track, this means the Multi-Shot change from patch 4.0.6 to 4.2 is increased damage by 218%, as opposed to the 250% given at patch 4.1. I have not noticed the original change to be overpowering, but the developers must think otherwise. I suppose we will have to reassess once again at how many targets will Multi-Shot be economical for Beast Mastery and Marksmanship hunters.

  • Traps now scale with hunter stats such as hit, expertise, spell penetration and attack power as intended.

This change is heaven-sent. Traps have had numerous issues with being resisted. While rare, it made hunters wonder why this was the case if our hit rating and spell penetration were capped. Surprisingly, developers have said time and again that this was a difficult problem to work with because traps are treated as objects rather than proper spells. To have this change roll out this early on the PTR means they must have found a way to work around that obstacle.

  • [Darkmoon Card: Hurricane] damage done when triggered has been increased by 40%, however, it can no longer deal critical strikes and no longer receives any modifiers to its damage from the equipping player.

This is somewhat interesting. When I was still using the trinket, the damage triggered from it would account for approximately 3% of my total damage. However, I wasn’t aware that it was receiving modifiers. I will go on the PTR again to see if this has made the trinket come to par with either Essence of the Cyclone or Fluid Death.


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