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Hunter Enchantments with Maelstrom Crystals

With the arrival of patch 4.1, [Maelstrom Crystal]s are now more easily accessible to the common hunter. This, in turn, provides hunters seeking to enter raids with more access to upper-level enchants that previous were reserved for the best endgame raiders. Some of these options will be vastly superior to their predecessors, while others may only be marginally better.


The best enchantment available for hunter boots is obivously [Major Agility], which provides an additional 35 Agility. However, those interested in more mobility (perhaps for PvP situations), [Assassin’s Step] is now available at a more affordable price. It provides 25 Agility and slightly increases movement speed.


Hunters who are also leatherworkers benefit from [Draconic Embossment – Agility], which provides a whopping 130 Agility. For the less fortunate, we usually use [Critical Strike] (50 critical strike rating), [Speed] (50 haste rating), or [Precision] (50 hit rating). Maelstrom Crystals give us access to three additional enchantments: [Agility] (50 Agility), [Greater Critical Strike] (65 critical strike rating), and [Greater Speed] (65 haste rating).


Like our boots, our chest piece usually only has one option for an enchantment: [Mighty Stats] (15 all stats). Maelstrom Crystals give us access to the more rare [Peerless Stats] (20 all stats).


While the cloak enchant [Critical Strike] (50 critical strike rating) is the most recent enchantment added in Cataclysm, many hunters opt to use the older [Major Agility] (22 Agility) as it provides a more direct effect to one’s DPS numbers. The new crystals will provide a significant boost to the current enchantment by making available [Greater Critical Strike] (65 critical strike rating).


Cataclysm hunters lament at the lack of an Agility enchant for gloves and revert to using the older [Major Agility] (20 Agility). However, we are also presented with strong options for this expansion: [Haste] (50 haste rating) and [Mastery] (50 mastery rating). New epic enchantment materials give us access only to [Greater Mastery] (65 mastery rating) as an upgrade.


2 responses

  1. Dreaux

    I’d say the Assassin’s Step enchant may also be a better option for some movement heavy raiding purposes too as a lot of the raid fights require you to be quick on your feet, and the sooner you get to where you need to be the sooner you can benefit from buffs that require you to be stationary. So don’t discard that enchant if you’re raiding. Really made a difference for me in the AA and Atra. fights.

    2 May 2011 at 10:42

  2. Nochecazador

    Excellent post. Very useful.

    10 May 2011 at 18:05

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