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More on Aimed Shot

Aimed Shot: Ability - Marksmanship TalentAs theorycrafters and curious players begin to look more into Aimed Shot over the last few days, there have been several points of information that came out.

  • There is a 0.5-second hidden cast time to Aimed Shot. We never noticed this before because we didn’t use it much. Prior to patch, the tooltip says 3.5-second cast, haste unaccounted. Today, it reads 2.9-second cast, haste unaccounted. It seems to be working as intended, however, as the patch notes says the base cast time was reduced.
  • Aimed Shot resets the Auto Shot timer. Contrary to what some may believe, this never changed since the days Steady Shot clipped Auto Shot. This actually makes stacking haste a more popular option for Marksmanship now to avoid losing Auto Shot DPS.
  • Keep your glyphs in mind. If you are using the new rotation with Aimed Shot, don’t forget to change your Arcane Shot glyph to Aimed Shot. Additionally, because haste is now attractive, [Glyph of Rapid Fire] seems to have a slight edge over [Glyph of Chimera Shot].
  • Additionally, there is unconfirmed speculation that the known Aimed Shot formula involving ranged attack power has changed.

Bloggers have also made several more analysis on the new Aimed Shot:

  • Drotara at Less QQ, More PewPew has a more in-depth analysis on how boss armor can mitigate Aimed Shot’s physical damage, regardless of how awesome it is, and he reminds us that hunter abilities right now are very buggy.
  • Gavendo at Rapid Fire points out several flaws in hard casting Aimed Shot, also regardless of how awesome it is.
  • Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union highlights some points to consider when using Aimed Shot.
  • Megapull at Emerald Sanctuary made some preliminary observations comparing the new Marksmanship and the new Beast Mastery.

I know Elitist Jerks walls of text may seem a bit unwieldy, but the Marksmanship thread has some valuable information if you can navigate through the calculations.

On an unrelated note, my Armory links are updated on the sidebar with custom class icons. The links were lost in the midst of our redesign before winter.

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