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Bringing Christmas Cheer to Dungeons

Today’s entry is brought to you by the 2010 Blog Azeroth Secret Santa. For my participation entry in the exchange, please check the contribution at Cold’s Gold Factory.

Hello! It’s Jaedia from Jaedia’s Menagerie, perhaps you remember me as The Lazy Sniper from my Hunter days. Either way, I have decided to stick with the Hunter theme for my secret santa post for 35 Yards Out.

Now, while I don’t play my Hunter any more as my main, I have gone ahead and done a little bit of Hunter based reading to get up to speed when I level her.. most of it was looking at the new pets on Petopia, I won’t lie, but I did read a little about the Survival spec and rotation as well, and I have been doing a few heroics alongside Hunters and have noticed what it would be nice to see more of. So I’m going to give a few tips on how to keep the holiday cheer running in your dungeon groups—because nobody wants to wipe at Christmas!

The first thing valuable thing to note here is trapping. You will need to use your traps for CC now. At 48, you get Trap Launcher – use it! It’s just like Freezing Arrow, which was a ranged Freezing Trap back in Wrath which was never really used, except you can use this move it for any trap. Aim it so that it lands just in front of the mob you want to trap. Don’t forget as well you can use Camouflage for extra safety if you need to get close, and Disengage if you need to get away fast, just watch where you’re aiming when you use it. Freezing Trap will be used for most CC, it’s particularly good because it can be used on any enemy target, especially if you’re given a mark to use it on, though don’t always expect to be given one when it might come in useful, sometimes it’s best just to do it and hope nobody is stupid enough to break it. Frost Trap is great too if there are a lot of mobs that it might be useful to slow.

A very important aspect of the Hunter class is pet management – knowing when to pull your pet out, send it in, heal it up, and which abilities need to be turned off and on. Make sure your pet is set up right. You can have them set to defensive but if they start going awol and pulling things at random, put it on passive and macro /petattack to your main moves. Also, turn off growl if you don’t want to anger your tank. Seriously. I recommend you have a /petfollow macro on your hotbars somewhere so that you can easily pull your pet out of the bad.

You will also have a move called Misdirect. Use this on your tank whenever it’s off cooldown, especially for boss pulls. If they are offended by your use of a threat boost for them, get a new tank, they are stupid. Any threat boost is brilliant, no matter how good a tank they might be. It was the same in Wrath, even more so now that tanks struggle more with threat generation.

If all else fails – Feign Death.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Fox with a Santa hat


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