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Revisiting Aspect of the Hawk

Aspect of the HawkI’m sure you are all aware by now that Aspect of the Hawk is returning to the game in place of Aspect of the Dragonhawk. (I wasn’t until yesterday.) For those who regularly followed my blog in 2008, you will understand why I’m interested in this after my now-obsolete research on Ranged Attack Power (RAP) scaling in Dragonhawk.

I tried searching for new statistics on the RAP bonus on the redesigned Hawk (as much as I could without actually having reactivated my account and playing the new patch). However, I found more questions than answers. Some may be more obvious than others to readers, but I could not find an answer at the time of writing. If anyone can answer these or point out something I missed, I would be very grateful.

  • Wowhead now displays Aspect of the Hawk with a sliding bar that lets visitors see the RAP bonus according to the level of the player, which caught me dumbfounded: How is the training of Hawk conducted with Cataclysm? The sliding bar indicates that RAP changes mostly every other level up to level 60 and every level from 61. Does that mean Hawk is retrained every 1 or 2 levels, which is different from the system of every 10 levels pre-Cataclysm?
  • Assuming that the current live version of the game is correct, why has the RAP bonus of Hawk (previously Dragonhawk) for level 80 been reduced from 300 to 180? I saw nothing in the patch notes mentioning this change, and by my calculation, the rate of increase of the RAP bonus in Wrath has been reduced by nearly one-half (from 11.7 RAP per level to 5.7 RAP per level) because of this.

I mentioned in my previous research that in Wrath, linear progression of RAP bonus increased by more than two-fold with each expansion. Cataclysm, on the other hand, increases the progression by more than four-fold (to 49.7 RAP per level) compared to old Wrath bonuses. Compared to the new 71–80 data, there is a nearly nine-fold increase in the progression of RAP bonus. Other communities have also noticed the drop in bonus at level 80, and the other spectrum laments the fact that level 85 will have a bonus of “only” 638 RAP.

This begs the question of how hard is Cataclysm content compared to Wrath? Do we really need that much of a boost in RAP that the developers had to re-normalize the bonuses up to level 80?


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  1. The answer to your first question is: You train it once at level 12 and then it will scale upwards with each level you gain. This is a new feature of all spells in the game. They felt thank ranks was a bit tedious and just revamped the entire system for something much better!

    Regarding your second question… this was believed to be a bug since patch 4.0.1 when the changes came through, we haven’t gotten any clear answer on the subject though. Since they changed the balancing of our damage altogether with changing spells and talents around, it didn’t actually matter how much attack power Hawk provided, as long as our dps was the same. I figure they just sort of balanced around the old number as a mistake.


    30 November 2010 at 18:11

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