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R.I.P., Black Kitty

Vornskr the (original) Duskstalker

It appears Pike will not be the only one who will miss the sight of a loyal companion with the onset of Cataclysm. You see, my very first pet Vornskr is the rare Teldrassil Duskstalker. I tamed her the moment I completed my hunter taming quests, and she was slightly difficult to find because she had the same skin as normal spotted cats walking around the zone.

I was not aware until yesterday that the Shattering brought about many changes in the skins of creatures throughout the game. One of those affected was none other than my prized Duskstalker. Unlike Pike’s Locke, however, Vornskr is obtaining an upgrade in her skin, from a normal cat to a saber cat. However, this comes at the expense of her skin color, which changes to white. While I appreciate the gesture of love in making the Duskstalker unique, the color change does not reflect the nature of their name at all. As a Duskstalker, I wish Vornskr could keep a darker skin tone, one worthy of being called a creature who stalks her pray in the onset of darkness. A white-skinned animal would stand out in the night.

Blizzard’s effort in making pets once again a very attractive aspect of being a hunter is commendable, but I wish they had put some more thought into reassigning animal skins according to some common sense and its potential impacts. Thank you for your faithful partnership in the journeys through Azeroth and Outland, black kitty. Welcome, big snow kitty.


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