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Coming Full Circle

When this entry goes online in the morning, it will have been 22 months to the day since this blog saw any sign of life. I’m sure some of you are surprised that you find yourself reading something from me once again. I never had to chance to write a proper departure message, and I apologize if leaving you in the dark regarding my circumstances caused you worry. If, in the time of absence, you elected to remove me from your blogroll, I do not and will never hold anything against you.

My own departure came as a surprise to me as well. Even as I left the blogosphere and World of Warcraft, I had planned for at least three more entries which are still sitting in my drafts: “Marksmanship Pet Selection and Synergy (Wrath Edition)“, “Improving Hunter Raiding (WoW Meter Online)“, and “What the Economic Crisis Can Tell Us About Patch 3.0.8“. Of course, these are all things of the past, and I cannot remember what I had intended to write back then.

As I look back at the entries I have written and the comments I received since my departure, it is clear that traffic was still coming in, and the content I had written continue to be relevant to some degree. I am pleased with this, and I hope my research will serve as stepping stones to further content generated by bloggers around the world. It even gets me excited on what new information I can explore as I discover the new changes transforming the game.

A few days ago, an old friend from my university days (which I guess was not too long ago), asked if I wanted to join a group of friends returning to play and explore Cataclysm. The offer is tempting, and I have not quite made a solid decision yet. The learning curve for me will once again be steep because I have forgotten everything about hunters in these 2 years. Regardless of the decision, I will let you know on this site. If I ultimately decide against it, I may still continue to offer insights into the new changes from a set of fresh eyes who has not set his eyes on Azeroth in a long time.

A saying among Blog Azeroth writers goes something like this: “At one point, we may leave our blogs and the game, but one day we will somehow find our way back into this community that taught us to be better, more human players.” It is never goodbye. After all, that’s what the Scroll of Resurrection is for.

Many thanks to the kind comments and e-mails I received during my absence, most of which were written by those I have given tribute to by the interspersed links. I dedicate the rest of this entry to those who have departed during our absence (in no particular order and with a regret that I cannot list them all).

  • The not-so-angry Negathle, whom I thank for offering words of encouragement before removing me from her blogroll. Unfortunately, I will never have the opportunity to take up your offer, but I wish you all the joy and blessings of a married life.
  • Amava, ever insightful and amusing, whose farewell entry came after poking from his faithful readers. I wish I were there to send you off, but I should rejoice for you rather than regret what has passed. When Video Games Live comes to town for me in January, I hope to find out how epic it is, just like you did.
  • Hunter helper Lassira, whose departure was not exactly an end, but the closing of The Hunter’s Mark closed an era of hunter blogging. It was a pleasure and an honor to converse with you as a fellow hunter scholar. I thank you for your leadership of the hunter community, and may your future venture be more successful than ever before.
  • Spanish speaker Arwin (EU), who was able to bridge a language barrier and contributed countless inspirations for this very blog through his own writings that would go on to spread hunter knowledge to the Spanish-speaking community. I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given me, and I wish I knew a way to communicate a final message to you.
  • Mirshalak, the pioneer, who advocated for the Survivalists when everyone else had left them to mockery. Though the original hunter may be gone and her prospects of return may be dim, I will remember you as a true hunter friend and wish your message had been more appreciated by others. May your bow continue to strike swiftly in the hunt.
  • Klinderas, for being a faithful visitor, and writing an elaborate departure message as well. It was a pleasure reading your comments from the past, and I hope that should you decide to return for Cataclysm, I will be hearing about your adventures again.
  • Finally and most importantly, to Cait, whose comment was the first I read when I returned to clean the spam from this blog, reminded me of the cherished community I left behind, and sent me on a wild goose chase trying to track down if she was still blogging because her old blog no longer existed. She moved to Pooftacular, but I discovered that she left 2 months ago. I wish you safe journeys, and may Elune bless you in your search for peace in life. From now on, I will not leave again without a departing message.

3 responses

  1. I keep a special folder in my feed reader for blogs that have gone away, but I hope one day will be back. It’s always a pleasure when that folder lights up like it did this morning.

    Glad to hear you are doing well, I had been wondering. Best wishes, whichever way the winds take you.

    27 November 2010 at 09:09

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  3. Glad to see you’re back pal! You were one of the first people to read my blog, so I was a little… *teary* when you left. Happy to have you back!

    29 December 2010 at 11:09

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