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Search Engines (and Swimming Mounts) Are Your Friend

How else would you be able to discover new World of Warcraft blogs and find the wealth of information available at your fingertips? Here’s a look at some of the latest searches that have led readers to our blog.

“35 yards out”

Why, yes. You have indeed found the right place.

“wow can i tame an exotic beast then space marksman”

I believe you meant spec Marksmanship. As far as I know, yes, but you will not be able to take that exotic beast out of the stable once you have spec’d out of the 51-point Beast Mastery talent. Perhaps you would like to consider this if you are a Marksmanship hunter who has his or her sights on Loque’nahak.

“trueshot aura or ferocious inspiration”

Even in Wrath, this choice is sometimes still a matter of raid composition and need. Trueshot Aura has been promoted to a raid-wide and scaling buff, but it still does not stack. Ferocious Inspiration, on the other hand, is still a stacking buff, so you can have as many Beast Mastery hunters as you’d like providing damage bonus. On the other hand, having more than one Marksmanship hunter in your raid does not add any significant contribution to the overall raid. If you are prepared to provide your raid with the benefit of Trueshot Aura, don’t hesitate from doing so. You may find that you like the Marksmanship tree as well.

“hunter dragonhawk viper macro”

Such a macro is actually very simple. For example, you can use this one-line macro:

/cast [button:2] Aspect of the Viper; Aspect of the Dragonhawk

Right-click on a mouse will provide you with Viper, and left-click provides Dragonhawk. There are, of course, other variations of this macro.

“improved hunter’s mark 3/3 level 80”

It appears you have read into my mind, dear reader. A research post is in the works and will be released sometime next week on this topic. Like my previous research into Aspect of the Dragonhawk and Trueshot Aura, this one promises insight into the new mechanics of Improved Hunter’s Mark. Be patient, and you will soon find the fruit of your search.

“marksmanship hunter glyphs”

My personal choices would be Glyph of Arcane Shot, Glyph of Hunter’s Mark, and Glyph of Steady Shot for major glyphs. The only minor glyphs that have some value are Glyph of Mend Pet, Glyph of Feigh Death, and Glyph of Revive Pet. In truth, most of the minor glyphs are quite lackluster, but these three provide survivability.

“can 5 level 80 do serpentshrine cavern”

I don’t know, but you’re certainly welcome to try be the first ones. Let me know when you do, so I can break the story.

“very first chuck norris joke”

I was baffled at how this search could end up here. It turns out this exact phrase was uttered by Euripedes in a comment to my post about memories (though in a slightly different context). I’m not sure how I should respond to this find.

I also found something I must have missed that was announced at BlizzCon: swimming mounts in Patch 3.1.

You want to know why that is one of the most exciting changes, in my opinion, for hunters? You see, pets on defensive have a tendency to engage enemies you may have accidentally or unintentionally aggro’d while running on your mount. As you get away from water, you are now in combat and can’t simply mount up again without having to kill that which you have aggro’d (or run from it until your pet despawns or the mob disengages).

Forget 3.0.8 and its problems. I want to see 3.1 goodies!


9 responses

  1. …but pets despawn when you mount. o_o;

    22 January 2009 at 10:06

  2. @Rilgon — Pets spawn when you dismount in water, eg. crossing rivers. You may have pulled something behind you along the way.

    22 January 2009 at 11:22

  3. With all the bugs happening in 3.08, I’m kinda sad about the quality of the game going down like that.

    And why does the survival tree still have a placeholder talent? WHY?


    But swimming mounts?

    My poor chicken is gonna drown!

    22 January 2009 at 12:24

  4. Neg

    FI doesn’t stack.

    22 January 2009 at 13:46

  5. @Neg — Wait what? Since when did it change?

    22 January 2009 at 14:50

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  8. Oh okay, I see what you’re getting at.

    And it changed in 3.0.2 when it was also made raid-wide.

    22 January 2009 at 18:52

  9. I’m afraid I’d have to disagree with glyphing for Arcane Shot and Hunter’s Mark (the Mark one is horrid, really), but I’m not sure of your intent. Perhaps more general purpose? I freely admit I focus everything towards 25 man raids, so that may give me some tunnel vision at times. :)

    25 January 2009 at 12:18

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