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Analysis of A Nerf

Approximately 2 hours ago, the hunter community was caught off-guard by Ghostcrawler’s announcement that “[h]unters of all specs…are doing too much damage in PvE”.

What concerns me is not that a nerf actually came. If anything, I’m surprised that the nerf came this early on in the expansion. Could this be a sign that Blizzard was not ready to release Wrath after all? The developers are saying that they had “hoped other classes would be able to catch up [to hunters] in a way they have as yet been unable to do”. This statement essentially means that they had not extensively tested the class balancing in endgame content.

This announcement is among the many problems that have been plaguing Wrath. The nerf, on top of the fact that Trap Mastery was not tuned by launch, leaves all the hunter talent trees in shambles.

Even pets were not left alone in this mess. How many times have pets been tuned since Patch 3.0 was first released? With all the effort they put into pet balancing with talent trees and , they are still nerfing Rake and Scorpid Poison. This means the pets were not balanced in the first place.

Most of the changes have been made to affect Beast Mastery hunters the most, but with the changes not live and are still being developed in the Public Test Realm, there is no way to know if the developers will implement further changes to all talent trees. I only fear the morale of hunters after this.


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  1. Could this be a sign that Blizzard was not ready to release Wrath after all?

    Gee, it’s not like us Beta folk were screaming this for weeks. -_-;

    9 December 2008 at 15:25

  2. Hmmm, i was not aware that we were doing TOO much damage? I mean, DK who are partially gear are topping charts, as are ret pallies ? This stinks of other classes crying to nerf our class, rather than post something constuctive to help THEIR class out.

    This is my theory on this. First off this is bullcrap. I mean, anyone can play a hunter. NOT every hunter will top dps charts. In order for a TRUE hunter to top dps charts, one must study research and practice x spec’s shot rotations, and be able to adapt those strategies to adjust for boss encounter movements, as well as lag etc..Why punish hunter’s that are good?

    BUT, alas, being a hunter for so long, we have been the victims of dare i say THE MOST nerfs of any class. Heres a brief recap of the nerfs i can recall off hand:

    -Hunter’s Mark no longer prevents rogues from stealthing.
    -Hunter’s Mark can no be taken off by Vanish…
    -Trap range reduced.
    -Flare cooldown increased.
    -Weapon Normalization ( i guess it was for all classes)
    -Spirit Bond health regen reduced
    -Explosive Shot damage reduced
    -Feign Death + Food taken away
    -Chimera Shot – Viper Sting no longer takes amount of mana drained away from caster and given to hunter

    Nerf after nerf we take,
    Adapt, Adjust, Excel
    is what make good hunters great.

    Lame lil poem but it sums it up. Every time we are nerfed, the great hunters adapt and adjust, and still top meters/etc, and yet other classes cry nerf. The irony? hunters are known as “huntards” yet, we have had the most class nerfs, and STILL we are dominating the dps charts???!!! Blizzard needs to understand to adjust those classes first.


    Anyways to go into more detail about my spec, i will stick to my spec, as i still feel im picking up all the +damage bonus talents that i can, which now we will need them more than ever, as well as utility and survivability through Survival Tree Talents. Marksmanship is where my heart is at, and its what i will be till the WoW servers close..if they ever will lol

    9 December 2008 at 16:56

  3. I for one am happy to see these nerf’s. Not because hunters needed them. We surely do not.

    BM still blows the other specs out of the water. MM is very close behind but a BM hunter was out of balance compared to other specs. Most of the nerfs hurt BM hunters which means MM still have a good shot to fight for raid spots IMHO.

    I just hope SV hunters get a much needed buff as well.

    9 December 2008 at 17:02

  4. The jury is still out as far as I’m concerned on the announcement. The longer I play this game the more I realize that any change that Blizz makes, the players will simply find another, or sometimes better way to keep doing what they want. Over the course of the last several patches from about 2.3 on, I am believing that Blizz’s adjustments are not class or tree killers like the used to be. I’ll play with this like I’ve played with them all and see just how much it really affects me in the overall scheme of things.

    In all likelihood these changes will have only a small impact. And I for one and not going to sweat small changes that have a game impact of a handful of points either way. (Which is one reason I only lurk on the EJ forums.) I for one will wait to see what it all looks like when it goes live.

    9 December 2008 at 20:02

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  6. Honestly, I’m not sure which spec I’ll end up with. I’m trying to work my way through the changes and see just how bad it’s going to end up being for BM. If my damage truly does suffer substationally? Then yeah, I’ll probably go back to MM. :) If not, then meh.. I”ll stay.

    The one’s I really feel for in this are the SV hunters. They didn’t really get anything out of this BUT a nerf. What’s up with that?

    10 December 2008 at 17:52

  7. What concerns me the most is these changes were announced before any sort of PvP fixes were announced. 4 seasons at the bottom for hunters now, and s5 starts very soon. At least with the PvE OP’d-ness, we were still somewhat useful. Insane DPS was all we had to offer. I swear, if I have to reroll, it will be a class in another MMO.

    10 December 2008 at 22:43

  8. What concerns me the most is these changes were announced before any sort of PvP fixes were announced.

    The only “fix” they need to announce is “we are discontinuing the Arena system, the BG system, and the Honor system, go play Warhammer if you don’t like it”.

    10 December 2008 at 23:26

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