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Barrage, New and Improved

Aimed Shot: Added to Barrage and Improved Barrage talent.

That’s the latest word on Patch 3.0.3.  This is interesting because if we pick up both talents (and we did), it may bring Aimed Shot to its pre-3.0.2 damage values. This is on top of the fact that Aimed Shot is now an instant-cast ability.

Lassirra briefly covered her idea on using [Glyph of Multi-Shot] (which I have picked up along with [Glyph of Hunter’s Mark]) and [Glyph of Aimed Shot], primarily for PvP. However, I feel like Multi-Shot and Aimed Shot should no longer be looked at primarily as PvP abilities. I believe making abilities have PvE viability is one of the reasons there are so many changes across the board.

These changes are essentially throwing Aimed Shot into the family of heavy damage abilities. Of course, there is no way we can tell how each ability will scale at level 80 and if they would be worth looking into for shot rotations. I am currently under the impression that if both Barrage talents are picked up, both glyphs are worth picking up. This means as soon as our third major glyph slot opens up, we will be picking up the Aimed Shot glyph.

This new addition would improve the wide variety of damage-dealing abilities on top of the Serpent Sting/Chimera Shot combination. It would certainly help with leveling in Northrend.


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