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“We Wiped on Chess”

On Saturday night, I was sitting around in Shattrath bored after doing my cooking and fishing dailies when I saw in trade: “LFM Kara, have good tank”. I thought to myself, I haven’t run Karazhan in months. It’d be nice to back in there again, and I’d be able to kill Tenris Mirkblood.

So I decided to hop on the group. After about 15 minutes of grabbing the DPS and healers, we all started heading out to Deadwind Pass. The buffs and mana biscuits were given out, and we were on our way. Of course, the conversations on Vent were pretty much active with how we used to have to do this and that but now we can do this and that. And of course, raid leader joked that if anyone did not actually know how to kill Attumen, he would promptly give the boot.

  • Attumen himself was quite a joke, as we didn’t even care that we were all spread apart, and he was charging everyone.
  • Tenris Mirkblood didn’t take too long either, but I died because I had not fought him before and didn’t stay away from red spheres. (Note to self: stay away from glowing red things.) [Arcanite Ripper] drops, but I lost the roll.
  • Moroes’ additional mobs were not tanked and were taken down by AoE.
  • Maiden of Virtue died in 55 seconds.
  • Romulo and Julianne died at the same time while the warrior tank and a rogue was on Julianne, and the rest of the raid was on Romulo.
  • Nightbane became a tank and spank while staying away from Charred Earth.
  • Curator could have been killed before the first Evocation, but raid leader decided to hold back on DPS because he wanted us to reach Evocate just for fun.
  • Shade of Aran was dead immediately after one Arcane Explosion.
  • Illhoof only made two Sacrifices.
  • We stayed through Netherspite’s first banish phase, and he was dead at the end of it.
  • Chess Event was our most troublesome part, sadly. During our first attempt, I couldn’t move my controlled footman, and neither can King Llane, so he stayed and died in the flame. During our second attempt, I could only move my footman once. When my footman died, I could not move from the platform in the room, and neither could our druid. He logged out and in but still could not move and had to hearthstone out and be summoned. I had to close WoW and get back on to get unstuck.
  • Prince Malchezaar was dead after two infernals.

Never have I used Volley and Explosive Trap so many times before. After this run, I have come to the conclusion that I will never see [Legacy] drop, nor will I ever see another [Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix] drop (after the one I got on my first Karazhan run back in March).

Lesson of the night: Never assume the impossible. We joked that we would wipe on Chess, and we actually did.


2 responses

  1. We had a crappy time for Chess last week also. When did they add the buff when your chess piece dies you cant move from the steps? I stood there with 2 other people most of the game before someone told us to click off that mind buff.

    I had to watch Arcanite Ripper go to the hands of a noobie War who had never been to Kara before but had the /roll on his side. Screw who needs an upgrade on drops like that Im still bummed out lol.

    3 November 2008 at 11:03

  2. The controlled piece buff is supposed to fall off when your piece dies, but isn’t. We wiped 4 times on Chess, with a very experienced Kara group, due to bad luck, bugs, and more. We won, eventually, when we simply all piled our DPS on Blackhand, and ignored the rest. Llane never touched the Warchief.

    3 November 2008 at 13:28

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