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Are World Bosses Obsolete?

Doomwalker, Doom Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, Highlord Kruul, the Dragons of Nightmare.

World bosses of Outland and Azeroth.

These bosses, especially the dragons, were once critical components of the game. It was even featured in the first official screenshots of the game and on the game’s display boxes.

Sometime after Patch 2.4 was released, WowJutsu redesigned its boss progression scoring to remove Burning Crusade world bosses from the table. It was a sign that the game was moving away from the idea of world bosses are true signs of progression. I’ve actually not seen anyone try to kill either Kazzak or Doomwalker while I was in Outland.

However, I do wish that it was be just as easy to PuG for them just like Gruul and Magtheridon. Although they’ve been neglected, they still have a decent loot table. [Scaled Greaves of the Marksman] drops from Doom Lord Kazzak is a pretty nice pair of pants for pure DPS. The red gem slots are sure to satisfy any survival hunter who wants to maximize agility.

The famous [Barrel-Blade Longrifle], found from Doomwalker, is also one of the fastest epic ranged weapons. It was also considered one of the best hunter weapons in the early days of the Burning Crusade expansion.

Oddly enough, gear from these two world bosses have a high amount of gem sockets compared to gears from other bosses. It allows for more customizability for various classes.

Personally, I’d feel that a variety of raid boss encounters is necessary, so why not make world bosses more prominent in the game? I think the problem lies with the fact that if Blizzard were to make these bosses a requirement for progression, you would run into problems with groups camping these bosses. These would especially get hairy if both factions are waiting for the bosses. Raiders would effectively have to be on standby for these bosses to spawn.

The non-instanced nature of these boss encounters can also be a positive or a negative feature. Because they are not on a weekly timer, you can kill them as often as you’d like during the week. On the other hand, as I mentioned previously, you will have competition for spawn times of these bosses.

However, while there are negative side effects to the world boss encounters, they should still become a more integral part of the raiding scene. It provides variety and some fun to take away from the typical raiding scene.


4 responses

  1. 35, So glad you brought this up. Instanced nature aside, World bosses seem like a huge missed opportunity for casual players. I will have to look into this more, but it seems that World Bosses would be ideal targets for casuals: 1) minimal trash or prep for killing, 2) can get many people involved on short notice, 3) as you point out, some cool drops. The barrier, if I’m not mistaken, is that these dudes are tuned for fairly highly progressed players. If they could be tuned as end-game for the casual player, I think Blizz would have done a huge favor to the non-raiding player. Great post!

    1 September 2008 at 16:42

  2. World bosses are fun!

    In outland I’ve only killed Kazzak, and as Idahoe says, it seems like the kind of boss you need to be in an organised and well geared raid to take down.

    More dragons pls!

    1 September 2008 at 22:58

  3. Crimsontusk

    Lol @ world bosses

    I have seen several Shatthra PUG’d raids go out and mop the floor with them, kind of easy to do when you just grab 40 people with nothing better to do. As long as you have enough healers anything is possible. Which is also probably why they arent marked as progression requirements.

    3 September 2008 at 12:42

  4. I find the problem with them is just how trivialized they can be by throwing large numbers of bodies at them. Sure, I remember taking down the Nightmare Dragons with my old pre-TBC guild, but… meh, I dunno.

    And honestly, the pants from Void Reaver are so much better than those. :P

    4 September 2008 at 09:12

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