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Sometimes These Guilds Make Me Wonder

I normally don’t talk about guild matters because I’d rather leave that to Auzara, the Chick GM herself. However, there’s something happening at my server that really bothers me.

There’s a guild that I think recently split off. I’m not sure what the story is behind it, but they’re under new management now. This new guild dubs itself “[New Guild], the new [Old Guild]” and decides to claim to have cleared all the content that the old guild did, all the way up to Sunwell Plateau. Of course, other people called them on it when they were advertising on Trade chat with all those kills. A new guild is a new guild with a new identity. Why would you claim credit for those kills even if most of the members of the new guild belonged to the old guild? Screenshots were from the old guild as well. The point of a new a guild is to be able to change your image, and that’s not exactly the way you want to start off.

Another way you shouldn’t start off with a new guild: hijacking other guilds’ raid members. They went as far as trying to grab anyone they can find who wants to raid regularly but can’t because they are being held back in one way or another. Stealth-recruiting raid members from other guilds, wooing them with the temptation of killing Illidan and seeing Sunwell content. My argument? Who cares? We’re three months or less away from Wrath of the Lich King. Even if you see Sunwell, what’s the point? You’re going to start all over again on a new palette with the expansion. I don’t understand people who leave for a strictly raiding guild because you lose the camaraderie and eventually make raiding a bore if all you do is raid, raid, and raid.

As I look through their recruiting forums, I don’t really understand how they judge players. One person made an application that basically wrote one very generic answer for every three questions and is dubbed a “quality app” just because he has Hyjal/Black Temple experience judging by Scale of the Sands/Ashtongue Deathsworn reputation. Another person wrote a somewhat more informative and honest application, though somewhat lackluster, but made his point. The response he gets is that he’s not geared enough. I mean, I understand people doing gear checks, but isn’t it important to invest in someone if he has the potential to be good? Why judge him based on his gear and not also on his performance?

Hey, if they get to finish Sunwell before Wrath comes out, great for them. I’ve had my own eventful year in the game with my guild, and I’m not going to join them even if they beg me as they have to some people I know.


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  1. Nice post! It’s also weird when a “new guild” forms and then trumpets that they cleared Mount Hyjal on their very first week!1! Nobody who raids at that level could be dumb enough to fall for what they’re trying to say–“wow, you went from Kara through MH in one week? zomg I want to join!”–but they try anyway.

    20 August 2008 at 21:41

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