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Keeping Up With the DPS Race

You’ve encountered these bosses before. The raid tries to keep up its damage dealt against the enrage timer. Sometimes a fluke happens and you fail. Sometimes the fight becomes a simple tank and spank. Welcome to the DPS race.

Watching some of the best badminton players in the world makes me think how similar their gameplays are to a DPS race. Badminton now is not the same badminton from the last summer Olympics. The game has been modified to make it more fast-paced and suitable for television viewing. As such, you have more quick shots and attempts to force the opponent to commit errors. Every time you make a mistake, not just when the opponent makes a scoring drive, you give a point to them and have to make up for it. Just like with every death against Gruul, you have fewer people to keep up with his Grows.

These high-powered matches will keep up at the edge of your seat, just like the feeling that your raid will make the enrage timer with just seconds to spare. You look at the enrage timer; you look at the boss’ health; you look at the timer again.

What can we take away from these players?

The key to the DPS race is momentum. Try not to step back on your DPS because you will have to make up for it harder and faster towards the end of the fight. It’s like an unpaid debt that you pay only the minimum amount each month. Over time, it becomes unmanageable. On the other hand, you should also never tell the raid to “step up the DPS” if you are perfectly on target. Stepping up DPS puts more pressure on the damage dealers. Casters will burn through their mana faster, forcing them to rely on mana potions to keep mana up and may unconsciously impose a mindset to conserve mana. Your brain then has a conflict between spamming your macro more often and a mana conservative macro (i.e. 1:1.5 rotation versus 3:2 Steady/Auto rotation).

You technically can’t “DPS faster”. That phrase is counterintuitive to DPS and misleading. The DPS that you do on a normal raid is the DPS you will have. You can’t DPS faster than what you already have without better gear. In addition, accelerating DPS means you were wasting time in the beginning of the fight and letting that enrage timer gain on you. When you accelerate your gameplay in badminton, your opponent will always try to counterattack by slowing down the returns. In the end, you made no gains except by tiring yourself out.

So the key point is to keep your DPS steady. Fluctuations in DPS upset your balance and throws off the entire momentum of the fight. Slow and steady wins the race, well maybe not always the “slow” part.


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