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More Pets?

Hello, Boomstik here!

I’m going to try very very hard to not comment on Wrath changes, whether they’re about gameplay, classes, or pets. It should go without saying that going on Wowhead/Wowinsider/Petopia/Mania’s/etc that I was QUITE excited about new stuff coming in Wrath. However, I don’t really want to comment on Beta software…also…I am like 99% certain that I will not be playing WoW when Wrath comes out due to school.

So, the real only thing I want to say, and hopefully Blizzard takes this to heart:


BRK had a good point where it could be a goldsink for hunters to have like 10 spots or whatever. I just want like 5…but to reiterate


especially since it looks like some pet families will have specific tasks…and you’ll need more than-STOP BOOMSTIK, no more Wrath!

(Edit by Loronar: Begging helped I suppose?)

Ok. Calm down. Breathe in…out…in…out…ok, what I wanted to write about today was pets! “But Boomstik,” you say, “you already wrote a post about BM pets!” True, but I wanted to talk about pets that don’t Growl, Bite, or increase your dps. That’s right! Non-combat pets! Everyone loves non-combat pets, right?

I confess, I currently have a Wolpertinger, a Turtle, a Bird, a Floating Eye thing, a Chicken, a Mechanical Chicken, and a Firefly! This isn’t a whole lot of pets, but I like them nevertheless. I did once put my Firefly on the AH but it didn’t sell, and I never had the heart to put it up for sale again (I think the firefly is awesome, but I still haven’t actually bound it to me yet).

Wow, I forgot, if you want to see all of the pets, go here. Definitely the best site for non-combat pets.

But yeah, I admit first pet I got was the Chicken, but they didn’t really stick out for me…just items taking up bagspace…then the first Children’s Week came….and who the f*** can say no to a f***ing turtle named Speedy?!?! I think I liked the pets after I got Speedy. I think him and the firefly are my personal favorites, but my wishlist has the Dark Whelpling and the Tiny Green Whelpling (favorite color is green!). There’s a freaking adorable panda too, but I won’t link it since seeing it will only make me sad that I don’t/can’t get it, lol.

Anyway, Boomstik is out of ammo and needs to reload, so what were your first pets? Your favorites? Wishlist? Sound off!


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