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Well, I never…

This piece is a contribution to the shared topic feature of Blog Azeroth on events and goals that you never thought you’d achieve.

We’re less than three weeks shy of our 1-year anniversary of playing WoW. What better way to reminisce other than looking back at some of the things we never thought we’d accomplish?

Well, I never…

…wanted to play an MMO.

The concept of MMOs, though appealing because of interactive content, never really got a hold of me. I wanted to play Star Wars: Galaxies when it was announced, but circumstances in life prevented me from doing so. Being a Star Wars fan, that was obvious. I had not even considered playing WoW for the longest time. I really think this game will be my first and last MMO, so I’ll make the best of out it.

…thought I would be playing for this long.

Given my history with video games, I probably would have quit WoW a few months ago. I have a tendency to stop playing after several months because I like exploring new games rather than sticking around with one. I’d have to say, the new content keeps drawing me back, and the community that we have in this game is amazing.

…could have raided.

This is not about being able to be geared to get into a raid. I remember being such a newbie at all the gear statistics and not understanding what things like Hit Rating was. How could I have raided when I was so bad at knowing all my abilities front and back? Look where I am now, even writing guides for hunters to raid. I strictly follow the hit cap rule and plan my upgrades around them. I know how shot rotations work, and I know how to maximize my DPS (as a marksman).

…will get to go into Sunwell Plateau.

Never say never. The first week that Patch 2.4 came out, I didn’t know my way around the Isle of Quel’danas just like everyone else. When I got my first group for Magisters’ Terrace, I mistakenly headed south towards Sunwell Plateau instead of east. I was in Sunwell Plateau looking around, albeit for 15 seconds or so before realizing I was in the wrong place.

…realized how much Ranged Attack Power a hunter can have.

Seriously, it keeps increasing like no one’s business. I’m up to 2646 buffed with Aspect of the Hawk and Trueshot Aura since upgrading to [Belt of the Silent Path] and [Angelista’s Revenge]. I’ve seen Marksmanship hunters in Sunwell with 2900+ RAP.

…would have blogged about WoW.

This is a thanks to all of my readers. This blog would not be where it is today without you.


One response

  1. Love your “…will get to go into Sunwell Plateau.”, I think I have the same experience with Molten Core (or one of those old world raids).. Mmm I wonder where this door goes… err run…..

    “…would have blogged about WoW.” – Glad you do.. great reading!

    28 July 2008 at 17:17

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