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BM Pets for Any Occasion

Boomstik here! I know it’s been a while since my last post and that I’m not doing a great job splitting writing responsibilities with Loronar (finally got my epic mount and exalted SSO!), but today I’ll write a post that I’m sure all of you hunters are experienced with (especially if you read a certain site, like you should). Pets!

This post is based largely off of a comment from one of Loronar’s posts. Also, Loronar wants to talk about MM pets, so I’ll try to let him do that.  Here, I’ll describe pets for BM hunters, given whatever situation.

Max DPS:

There are really only 3 pet families (unfortunately) that give the highest DPS. Cat, Raptor, and Ravager. All three can eat meat, with Raptors being the most picky (only meat). Pros and Cons of those 3? Well, Raptors arguably look coolest. Who didn’t want a dinosaur pet growing up? Unfortunately, it’s got the least amount of learnable skills. Cats can learn Prowl, which increases their initial attack against a mob. Quite handy when trying to build up aggro or just increasing overall damage. They also have the least punishment towards their HP. However, they have the lowest armor rating of the three, which isn’t a big deal for pure DPS, but not that handy when trying to momentarily hold aggro (eg, saving a squishy til the tank gets there). Lastly, there are the Ravagers. Personally, I use a green one. They learn Gore, which has a 50% chance to do double damage, potentially increasing their damage output over the other three. Cons? They have the least amount of HP and are kinda funky looking.

Some people use Windserpents since their Focus Dump, Lightning Breath, is Nature based and ignores physical defense. I don’t crit enough for my pet to get enough Focus and I’m not really at the point where LB outweighs Gore, but it’s an option for you!


I don’t PVP. At all. I, personally, considered it a waste of time and ammo since I’d rather see Blizzard’s content then shoot at players. At least until I saw the S4 gear, whoo boy, that stuff is spicy. But, if I DID PVP, you’d bet I’d have a Scorpid for a pet. Sure, Birds, Owls, and Carrion Birds are big and bulky and interfere with targeting, but Scorpids have a stacking poison that must be Cleansed before your Viper Sting can be cleansed.


You may be wondering why there’s a tanking section, seeing as how our pets aren’t that great at tanking. Well, I would personally like to see pets being able to decently tank in Wrath as one of the Pet Talent Trees. In hopeful preparation, I’ll say that I like Boars, Bears, Bats, Owls, and Carrion Birds. Boars because of Gore and Charge (even though Charge was nerfed); these skills should help it get large initial aggro and hold onto it. Bears are good because of unpicky diet (Bread, Cheese, Fruit, Fish, Fungus, AND Meat? Don’t bring em to a buffet!) and because of the fairly high armor and HP values. Lastly, Bats, Owls, and Carrion Birds all have a pet version of Demo Shout! How cool is that? Works pretty well too! Did you see this video? Or this one? You can’t do those things anymore, but the Screech (Demo Shout) was probably crucial.

But in the end, your pet should kinda make a statement about you too. You’re going to be with it for a long time! And you’re supposed to lovingly name it! Plus you get 3 stable slots…which admittedly isn’t enough…even I want like 6 pets. So I recommend getting a DPS pet for raids, but look at Petopia and really find one you want hanging around with you. I did that and I love Bigwhitebar and Imaspikyroar. They love me back right guys?

*two angry growls*

….AAAAAaaaaanyway, what pets do y’all have and why?


4 responses

  1. I have an owl for PvP and soloing, because Screech helps with aggro and annoys the crap out of the Hordies. (also, because I’ve used him since I was level 10.)

    I have a cat because they are classy, mine is teal, and he does lots of DPS in instance/raids.

    I have a Windserpent because, when I’m raid-buffed to 30%+ crit, he does more DPS than the cat. (I actually find him to pull ahead slightly before 30%). And because I solo’d part of ZG to get him.

    21 July 2008 at 01:17

  2. I have a black lion, Steinbeck and, if I need a tankie, Scoprion, Mort – but the cat does fine through Kara. However ……

    ..there’s a lot of funky pets out there so I’ve rolled a fun hunter without worrying about min-max dps and all that.

    So the Fonz is abroad – lvl15 – and he has one of those red crabs from Durotar who’s called Winkler and one of the Kolkar Packhounds – a hynea that was tricky as it was, well in a pack – called Gonzo.

    Nothing serious as I said, but fun :o)

    21 July 2008 at 05:54

  3. They nerfed the scorpid poison stack trick at some point – it still helps arena drain teams & dots the healer to stop drinks but it is no longer 100% effective (kinda similar to the time they nerfed serpents.) Great post!

    21 July 2008 at 17:54

  4. I am a little fail when it comes to pet utility since my stable is all cats and cats are all I have ever had. My current stable is Snowfyre with the King Bhan’galesh (spelling?) skin, Snaggle – a frostsaber – I always wanted a purple tinged kitty -matches Jez’s hair lol and Sooty one of the black and white stripe skins from Skettis.

    22 July 2008 at 00:16

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