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Just A Few Things

You may have noticed the layout change when you visited the site this morning if you’re a regular visitor rather than a feed reader. The old layout got a bit too plain and unfriendly to me after a while. I like this one very much because it looks clean and clearly separates content and sidebar material.

You might also have noticed I’ve been putting polls up. The last poll about the progression of my readers is now closed. Half of you responded as players in T4 content (Karazhan, Gruul’s, Magtheridon). A quarter of you are in T6 content (Hyjal, Black Temple). One-eighth are in T5 (SSC, Tempest Keep), and another one-eighth in Sunwell. To me, the results seemed to match my initial anticipation and the general trend of people speeding through T5 content after the removal of Hyjal and BT attunements. And I’m glad some people in Sunwell also find my blog worth reading.

A new poll has been put up about your preferred spec if you’re a hunter. (Non-hunters can vote the fourth option too!) This allows me to gauge what kind of readership I have.

From now on, you might also see posts from a good hunter friend of mine. Ihasboomstik started playing about the same time as me (though he played pre-BC WoW for a bit in the early days). The difference between us is that he’s a Beast Mastery hunter. I’ll leave the rest of the introduction to him when he makes a post.

Patch 2.4.3 is apparently going live today. The most significant change for hunters will be:

Growl: Pets will no longer generate additional threat from this ability based on attack power buffs cast on them. Attack power buffs on their master will still indirectly increase the threat generated by the pet’s Growl.

This means buffs such as Blessing of Might won’t affect a pet’s Growl. For marksmanship hunters, this is perhaps a bit more significant because (if it’s doing what I think it’s doing) Trueshot Aura will no longer make our pets’ Growl stronger. I guess I’ll find out tonight to see if I lose aggro more often while doing dailies. Mania has also confirmed that this will occur.

The other nice fix for hunters is the correction of the Kill Command bug.

Hunters: Using an instant ability after Steady Shot will no longer lock out auto shot.

Aside from that, I think I will finally have the motivation to level my alts to 30 for ground mounts. There should be a good accumulation of rested XP already.


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