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From Auchindoun to Hydross

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve found a place where I can raid Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep.

I’m currently on the raid bench of Knights of Redemption, a two-month-old guild that’s just venturing into Tier 5 content. I first came across this guild while levelling my melee weapons, particularly swords, so I could dual wield [Quickening Blade of the Prince] and [Akil’zon’s Talonblade] with +20 agility enchants when I don’t need a hit cap. Hitting Cabal Agents outside of Shadow Labyrinth, a paladin came to level his two-handed axe skills. As we continued to hit NPCs for the next 30 minutes or so, we had some fun chatting (including what would happen is someone came to level their Warglaives and fending off a Horde rogue who kept coming out from farming mines in Shadow Labyrinth. At first I didn’t ask him about his guild, but I got curious and looked them out. Lo and behold, they were looking for friends to raid with them if they don’t have enough people for 25-mans.

We brought death to many Cabal Agents.

We brought death to many Cabal Agents.

Two weeks later, it was their time to venture into SSC, and I got to tag along.

Screenshot or it didn’t happen: Marksmanship hunters can out-dps Beast Masters (Tanisra), warlocks (Lottadots), and mages (Solarious). And this is with my bad latency.

We made 7 or 8 attempts on Hydross. The furthest we got him down to was 30%. Every attempt was better than the previous one. At one point, we lasted through the entire Enrage timer, so we know that we definitely can survive for 10 minutes. The next item on the list was to tweak our strategy so that we have enough DPS to down Hydross while still dealing with adds. Attempt after attempt, something always happens that caused one of our two tanks to die. It got a little too much for some people, so we had to replace a few. Before we started to lose more, the raid leader called it for the night. We’ll try again next week to see if we’ve improved after the break. I’ve never been a progression raid for a guild other than my try at Naj’entus, but I’d say that’s a pretty normal pattern of wipe and learn. (I think?)

Face-to-face with Hydross the Unstable.

Face-to-face with Hydross the Unstable.

To be honest, I was so anxious in going into SSC that I practically stocked up on consummables, making sure I didn’t make the same mistake when I went to Black Temple. Three stacks of healing and mana potions, 10 mana oil charges, a stack of agility elixir, and more food for the pet. Since this is a guild progression fight, every single buff counts. I read up on both Hydross and Lurker (in case we got that far) fights and got the basic gist on how each one was supposed to go.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of my experience with 25-mans and DKP (we have DKP!!). I think they may be attempting Void Reaver on Sunday afternoon. Funny how one little encounter can change the course of your raiding career (if you can call it one).


2 responses

  1. Congrats on starting into 25 man content! Hydross is nothing more than a gimmic fight once you get it down.

    Enjoy the ride, it’s a crazy one from there on in!

    13 July 2008 at 08:17

  2. Yay Lor! Grats on your first visit to SSC – here’s hoping there will be many more.

    A suggestion if I may – look at getting some flasks for your raiding adventures. Since they last for 2 hours and persist through death, even though they can be expensive, if you are in a progression group they can actually save you money if there are lots of wipes.

    Hmm I think I might make a post listing the consumables I take into raid with me in case that would be useful for anyone.

    13 July 2008 at 08:42

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