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Naj’entus Down. Almost.

Ever get the feeling you’re going somewhere you shouldn’t? Last night I did.

Our guild made its first foray into Black Temple after delaying another try at Archimonde. About an hour before the raid, everyone was told to look at the boss videos to make sure we know what we were doing. Of course, since I was never on the A team for 25-mans, I ignored this and PUG’d for Heroic Sethekk (which was the daily for the third time). Surely enough, they were lacking people, so they pulled me and my friend in while we were midway through the instance. I normally don’t abandon my groups, but this was too good to pass along.

It was a good thing that I had just finished regemming the day before for my newly acquired [Fiend Slayer Boots] and getting hit-capped again. Of course, since I didn’t bother about anything about Black Temple earlier, I was thoroughly unprepared with very little consummables. I only had a handful of mana potions and 2 stacks of health potions, no buff food, and no pet food. I also had half a stack of agility elixirs. Oh well, into the raid we go.

When I stepped into Black Temple, the Illidan loading screen gave me shivers.

The Hand of Fate comes face to face with High Warlord Naj'entus.

The Hand of Fate comes face to face with High Warlord Naj'entus.

When I said they were lacking in DPS, I really meant that we had 2 slots empty, and this is after we brought in everyone, including those who had mostly Karazhan gear. We had two or three partial wipes on trash mobs, but we kept chugging along slowly. The annoying part was that the Aqueous Spawns come back pretty fast after they’ve been killed, so every time we wipe, we end up having to kill one or two that have reappeared. It took us about 45 minutes before we reached High Warlord Naj’entus because we kept having to resurrect and rebuff.

The first Black Temple raid wipe.

The first Black Temple raid wipe.

I stand by my words that 25-man raids are organized chaos. Everyone was pretty finger-trippy for the first couple of tries on the boss. We had positioning and response time issues for the first three tries or so on Naj’entus. The fight basically is a tank and spank with the exception of a few things. Naj’entus does Frost damage AoE, so the paladins have to put up Frost Resistance Aura. He does a Tidal Shield every minute or so and throws out 2 Naj’entus Spines at people. These spines have to be picked up by someone else near them quick before it does too much damage. They will then be used simultaneously (like cube-clicking for Magtheridon) to bring down the Tidal Shield. When it comes down, everyone gets 8500 Frost damage. The trick is to not have less than 8500 health when the shield comes down or you will die. It’s kind of hard trying to keep yourself up with cooldowns on bandages, potions, and healthstones. Your mana isn’t unlimited either.

Wiping and learning how to fight Naj'entus.

Wiping and learning how to fight Naj'entus.

In our final two tries, we managed to fill all 25 slots as people came online. We ended up in a group that had 4 hunters (3 beast mastery and myself as marksman). It was pretty ridiculous. We brought in every single DPS we could find. Fortunately, another one of my friends who has a shaman healer also logged on, so they pulled him in. He basically kept spamming Chain Heal for everyone.

The furthest we got Naj’entus down was to 26%. It was pretty exciting, though hunters always seemed to be one of the first to die. The last attempt, although only to about 45%, was a better experience for the healers because they were able to coordinate better. I did stay alive longer. We called the raid when most of the trash mobs on the way to Naj’entus respawned about 3 hours later. The only thing that dropped was an [Empyrean Sapphire].

So this means I just totally skipped Tier 5 content right?

Some analysis: Because my lag is horrible in 25-mans, I’ve decided to use macros for my rotations, as provided by QQPewPew. I figured it wouldn’t do me any good if I have to weave shots manually with the bad latency that I have. I was pretty satisfied with the results. From what I could tell, I only missed one or two Kill Commands compared to a few more if I do a manual click/button hybrid. While a mishap resulted in no parse of the fight from last night, I felt that the shots were weaved and timed much more nicely than if I had tried to do it by hand. I was actually keeping up with our beast mastery hunters in dealing out damage. I went ahead and tried it again later on in a PUG Zul’Aman, and the results were phenomenal. I was a close second in damage output (I blame the lag), though there was no actual DPS meter, so I couldn’t tell how much the improvement was.

The only problem I had with those macros is that Multi Shot did not seem to kick in at all when using the second macro. I’m not sure why. I probably could have come out with more damage in Black Temple, but that surely would have caused aggro problems in Zul’Aman.


3 responses

  1. Naj’entus with Kara gear is ….ughh… this is a fight you need high HP for and is very healing intensive. Bring lots of health pots and use health stones with stam food.

    Space out
    Be quick on the removal of spines
    Be quick on the use of spines on the sheild
    Be quick on the heals to recover

    If you got a 26% on first night while short on dps, your guild should have it soon enough.

    11 July 2008 at 09:58

  2. Grats on your first trip to BT Lor! Our guild is heading there for the first time tomorrow.. I’m nervous and excited – there’s nothing like the thrill of seeing new content for the first time!

    I’ll be potted and flasked and consumabled to the hilt for this one.

    Hope you get a chance to see more T6 (and T5 too) soon!

    11 July 2008 at 11:08

  3. Grats on your first shots at Black Temple. As Aur said, you definitely want to look into stacking some stam if you can. It is recommended to try and be at 9k HP unbuffed in order to survive the bubble bursts.

    Good luck with the future endeavors!

    11 July 2008 at 11:54

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