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Hunter Welcoming Party

Allow me to introduce two new members of the Blog Azeroth community. Yes, they are hunters, but they’re not just any hunter. Both are marksmanship hunters! We finally have some company again in this lonely blogosphere! For a while, it was only Rilgon and me until he quit. It was lonely as the sole marksmanship blogger, but not anymore. I, therefore, dedicate this post as a marksmanship hunter salute.

  • Mithrilina writes as A Girl, A Gun and A Stripey Cat. She is a Blood elf marksmanship hunter whose home is in EU-Ahn’Qiraj and is also the leader of her PvE friends guild. Much like myself, she recently went to Zul’Aman with her guild for the first time. (I share your struggles, Mithrilina!) Mithrilina also boasts 900+ DPS during boss fights, proof that marksmanship hunters will not go down quietly in the charts. Her writings are very light-hearted and easy to read. (It’s especially fun to read when Europeans stop playing WoW to watch the Euro 2008 final match.)
  • Trueshot Aura on WordPress.com (not to be confused with the defunct Trueshot Aura on Blogger) is written by Feanoro of US-Silver Hand. I had the opportunity to talk with him earlier today because I still have my hunter from Silver Hand. Feanoro has been raiding endgame content since before Burning Crusade and can claim to have stepped foot in Naxxramas. (I’m sure that’ll come in handy in WotLK.) He tells me he has been a marksman throughout Burning Crusade and continues to raid today as one in Sunwell Plateau. (In fact, our conversation had to end early because he had to go there!) He’s already posted some useful information, such as considerations for Haste rating for marksmen.

So what are you waiting for? Go to their blogs and make them feel welcome. We are one big happy family after all. :-)


3 responses

  1. Feanoro is from NQI x__x I have been defeated.

    2 July 2008 at 01:04

  2. Heehee kidding of course! Always good to see new hunter bloggers among us!

    2 July 2008 at 01:17

  3. Thank you for such kind words and for the hearty welcome!

    Your blog was one of those that inspired me to dust off (in some cases, find!) the non-macro-bound keys on my keyboard and start blogging about my experiences.

    Say whatever you like, we Marksmanship hunters are cool! :-)

    2 July 2008 at 04:38

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