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Frenzy No More

Remember what Tranquilizing Shot does?

Well, now I do. This seemingly useless special shot “attempts to remove 1 Frenzy effect from target”. What’s Frenzy you ask? Frenzy is different from Enrage in that it increases attack speed, not the attack power or damage.

This past weekend, I had to use it more times than I ever used it in an entire year. Tranquilizing Shot was mostly used in endgame instances in pre-BC, so you really wouldn’t get to see the use of it until you start doing upper level Outland instances.

Zul’Aman was where I used it first. One of our guild tanks was nice enough to put together a run for those who wanted to see the instance but can never get into the weekly speed runs. Unfortunately, we missed the timer on Nalorakk because one person disconnected from a power surge, and another got lost on the way back from resurrection. I also had to learn how to pull the Amani Tempest using me pet so that the Akil’zon gauntlet would stop coming. We 2-shot both bosses and made progress by learning slowly, especially since it was my first time there.

Halazzi was where Tranquilizing Shot was needed. In one of the shapes he shifts into, he goes into Frenzy every so often, and you would have to tranquilize him. We would have had him on the third try, but it was getting late on Sunday night, so we called it.

I picked up [Akil’zon’s Talonblade] out of the run.

Yesterday, I went to Heroic Black Morass for the first time. I had been responsible for adds on normal mode before, but I’ve never done it on heroic. Fortunately, there was no big difference except that the waves of dragonkin had more health. We barely made each rift keeper after finishing adds.  In this instance, Tranquilizing Shot is used on the last boss Aeonus. I actually had completely forgotten about him even though I’ve read about it before. Fortunately, the raid warning called out a frenzy alert.

I’ve never tried the shot on a Beast Master’s pet that has Frenzy active, but it should work.

So the bottom line is, Tranquilizing Shot is highly situational. More often than not, you won’t use it, but try to keep in the back of your head when you can use it.


2 responses

  1. Hehe. My initial reaction when ZA was first introduced and our raid crew hit up the Lynx boss for the first time (we actually went to ZA on the PTR, but didn’t make it to the Lynx boss at the time):

    “Oh. So Tranq Shot is useful for the first time since MC? Interesting. Let me find it…”

    2 July 2008 at 10:01

  2. I used it on one of the undead horses in Karazhan once…

    2 July 2008 at 10:43

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