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Request Fulfilled

I went with my druid buddy, who is still learning tanking, to Heroic Sethekk Halls and Heroic Shattered Halls yesterday to complete the second-to-last stage of the final quest chain in Karazhan.

Heroic Sethekk Halls was not that bad. We were pretty smooth until towards the end, when our shaman off-healer friend had to go raid, so we picked up another feral druid. The priest healer was a bit slow and sloppy, so we wiped once on Anzu and twice on Ikiss. But I got what I needed out of it, and the daily heroic was also there.

After taking a break, we decided to look for a group for Heroic Shattered Halls. At first, we picked up an Enhancement shaman. We weren’t sure if my friend should tank because he might not be geared enough, and I’ve usually gone to Shattered Halls with a protection paladin. But alas, there was a shortage of tanks as usual. So after picking up a guildmate as a healer, we took a mage and an Arms warrior as off-tank (because the shaman went offline).

It was also my first time marking mobs in a heroic because my friend had never been in Shattered Halls before. I’m so slow at it! Apparently there’s a macro that you can use to mark mobs, but I have no idea what it was, and I didn’t have it. So we just took it slow at first so that my friend could get used to the mobs (and how hard they hit). We wiped once on a sloppy trash pull and once during the first boss fight. The gauntlet took us a while to get through after about 3 or 4 wipes. The pace of the movement varied depending on each try. My friend kept dying when we got to Blood Guard Porung. Fortunately, everyone was patient and understanding enough to keep trying.

When we finally got past the gauntlet, everything got a bit easier. Even pulling 6 elite mobs with a druid tank was a lesson in group synergy. As long as all the crowd control held, and our warrior could off-tank one of the mobs, we held our ground. Trap one, sheep one, off-tank one, then burn them down one by one. The wipes stopped happening. Everything went smoothly all the way to Bladefist.

Then my friend’s UI started messing up, so he had to restart WoW twice. At this point, there was about 4 minutes left on the timer for the prisoners. We started up the Bladefist fight at about 3 minutes and went all out. The adds came, and warrior picked them up once again. After 2 mobs or so, too many were coming too soon, and we had about 2 extra mobs running around. The mage died, and we just kept hitting at Bladefist. I popped Rapid Fire and all my trinkets at about 15%.

And then he was down! We breathed a sigh of relief. A quick Redemption to the mage, and we saved the prisoners. Everyone was happy with badges and an extra 24 gold for the quest reward. The warrior picked up [The Bladefist].

It was probably the most fun and nervewracking Heroic run I’ve ever been in, thanks to a patient group and an awesome learning tank.

So once I go into Karazhan this weekend, I’ll be Exalted with the Violet Eye.

In the meantime, I’m still hoping I can hop onto a Magtheridon raid so I can get my Champion of the Naaru title. I managed to get into Heroic Arcatraz earlier this week when a group asked if I could join them for the last boss. It was perfect since it was the daily heroic also. The long wait is finally almost over.


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