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Learning the Art of War

I logged on yesterday to one of my friends telling me that he needs more honor points to buy [Medallion of the Alliance] for our guild’s fight with Archimonde when we get there. (Azgalor was downed last week.) So along with another buddy, we hopped onto the queue for battlegrounds while waiting for a raid in Gruul’s Lair. It was my first time in any battleground. I’ve been avoiding PvP for most of my time playing.

Warsong Gulch was our first stop. I was on the offensive team holding off the Horde while we attempt to capture their flags and ambush them on their way back from ours. It’s been a while since I’ve done closed quarters combat. The last time I did PvP was back in January when a couple of us did 5v5 arenas one night. Here, I dusted off and rediscovered my Scatter Shot button, and took no less than 11 Honorable Kills. We were behind one flag when our queue for Alterac Valley (the daily) was ready.

So I finally went to the infamous Alterac Valley, prone to numerous changes courtesy of Blizzard and people’s complaints. It was utter chaos. With a possibility of having 40 people on each side, it was 4 times larger than Warsong Gulch! Unfortunately, Alliance was down between 10 and 15 players, so we got completely smashed on the offensive. Here are the results with my name on it. I forgot to sort the data, but looks like I’m up there somewhere. Honestly, this map is huge! I was totally lost on how to navigate it and just followed people. I still need to find my place in a 40-man group.

Results of Loronar's first Alterac Valley.

We then forayed into Eye of the Storm, where I felt much more comfortable. 15-man on both sides is more manageable. Open-air PvP with lots of space to move around and no line-of-sight issues. I was able to see the battle as a whole and participate in capturing and defending towers. Silencing Shot was definitely my friend here. As a result, my damage was second place for Alliance and fourth overall. Not bad for doing battlegrounds for the first time.

Results of Loronar's first Eye of the Storm.

Our final trip was to the Arathi Basin battleground. I had a blast here because I learned the utility of Shadowmeld. My two friends and I decided to go to the lumber mill. One was a druid, so he stealthed on the lookout for Horde. I parked the Prowl-less Vornskr near the NPCs and Shadowmelded near the flag. That meant the Horde would only see a lonely resto shaman whenever they came to our area. Needless to say we defended that portion of the map with determination and destroyed everyone who tried to capture it. We won this battleground with a gap of about 400 resources.

Despite all the chaos, I’d say I enjoyed it very much. I played my game with some adjustments and still came out pretty strong, and having no resilience didn’t mean I would be very bad at PvP. I finally was able to use a lot of the abilities I haven’t used in a while. We had 40-odd kills and several hunder honor points. I think I’m gonna have to come back again sometime.

Afterwards, Gruul’s Lair did not happen because we had 15 people out of 25, so the crew of Cornell Eats Your Face went for an expedition into Heroic Slave Pens in search of more Cenarion Expedition reputation.


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  1. Another PvP rookie! Yay! I’ve been to Alterac valley a number of times, especially when I was grinding for shoulders since there weren’t many good shoulders around for me to get by PvE-playing at that moment. But I’m still completely lost in there. When the battle begins I have an idea of what I’m doing – and I can anyway follow the crowd. But after dying and ressing the first time I always get a bit confused, without any clear picture of what I’m expected to do. I can even find it hard to see who’s an npc and who’s an hordie and knwo what I should concentrate on killing.
    You seem to get the hang of it much faster than me though! Grats!
    Right now I intend to do more PvPing just for practise and becoming better in reaction and such things. But somehow I manage to do other things, if someone’s tempting me with an instance I tend to chose that before a BG.

    19 June 2008 at 10:31

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