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I’ve A Feeling We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Yesterday was a special day, for I went to visit an old friend. She was none other than Pike. I wanted to check out how things really are in an RP server, so Monday night I went ahead and rolled on Silver Hand US in search of the truth.

I decided to go with both the familiar and unfamiliar. Since I had never been to Exodar, I decided to become a Draenei. Since I wanted to level a character I was familiar with, I went with the hunter. This hunter will be my experiment bed for Beast Mastery since we have one of the experts on hand for reference. (I was going to be a rebel and level Marksmanship again, but I say what the heck, let’s roll.) I actually picked up and intend to level real professions and skills this time, instead of waiting until level 20 to pick them up like I did the first time I started playing.

After getting everything set up on Monday night, I went back yesterday to level the hunter. When I was at level 7, Pike logged on. Away went the first whisper, and we said our greetings. We chatted about the state of things and about miscellaneous things. She even held her offer and invited me to join Entelechy. I met a few of her guildmates, and we chatted for a bit. Pretty good impression for a healthy guild.;-) They were even kind enough to lend me some starting money!

So what’s the truth about role-playing? Pike couldn’t have said it better.

Tamaryn (Pike of Aspect of the Hare) on role-playing.

But what’s a hunter post without pet pictures?

We proceeded with the regular grind to level 10. Before long, we reached it upon turning in the last quest from Azure Watch. The Draenei starting zone had us tame a crab, a tallstrider, and a nightstalker in order to learn the ability to tame beasts.

Solavan beast taming quest, phase 1.

Our skittering crab for part 1 of the quest.

Solavan beast taming quest, phase 2.

The tallstrider-with-a-grin for part 2 of the quest.

Solavan beast taming quest, phase 3.

A not-so-stalkerish nightstalker for the last part.

At the end of it all, I was able to tame my first pet. Since I would be going Beast Mastery, let’s try something with hopefully a lot of aggro. The choice was a ravager specimen, complete with Gore 2 and Bite 2. Meet Killik, our level 10 ravager.

Solavan and Killik.

Though we did not have the opportunity to actually meet Pike herself, speaking with her at her natural habitat was quite an adventure! I had to switch back to my server so my friends wouldn’t be wondering where I was, but the little trip was worth it. I honestly think that this zone would be the best zone to start out as a hunter. There’s a lot of room to kite mobs around when you’re low level. Water is also a-plenty to level up your fishing fast.

Hope to see you again sometime soon, Pike!


3 responses

  1. Heehee! It seriously did stun me that people were actually roleplaying, in Southshore of all places. Since I was on my druid I got to experiment with roleplaying with her for the first time, and I was impressed with how well it went.

    It was super fun to see you visit, and chat with you! Feel free to come back anytime you want. Maybe I can come poke ya in Draenei-land next time.

    19 June 2008 at 01:18

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