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Kael’thas Smacking

Over the weekend, I decided to splurge a bit and spend my newly acquired 100 badges on [Leggings of the Pursuit]. As far as I know, that thing is about T6 equivalent. It was the biggest upgrade for me, so I couldn’t resist. I’ll work my way back up to the 150 badges for [Crossbow of Relentless Strikes].

The gear-tastic weekend didn’t end there. I went into Heroic Hellfire Ramparts and Heroic Sethekk Halls. From Ramparts, [Valanos’ Longbow] dropped, and [Leggings of Beast Mastery] dropped in Sethekk. Since I no longer had use of them, they went to a good hunter friend of mine. Two world drops in one day! I also picked up [Garona’s Signet Ring] from Curator in our weekly Karazhan. We one-shotted everyone and finished in just over 2 hours.

Yesterday was Heroic Magisters’ Terrace daily, so I decided to hit up the LFG channel and see if anyone was interested. Several hours later, a rogue whispered me to see if I was geared for the heroic, and I said I only had 2 blues or so. A minute later, I got an invite and hopped onto a group that consisted of a paladin tank, the rogue, myself, a warlock, and a holy priest. We tore up the place…literally. It was my first complete Heroic Magisters’ Terrace run ever, and we had finished it in under 50 minutes. Every single boss was one-shotted, including the 5v5 matchup. I never had to trap anyone except for the blizzard-spamming mage during the third fight.

At Kael’thas, we burned him down faster than anything I’ve seen in regular or heroic. It was nuts. The phoenix was tanked by one of the Sisters of Torment that the warlock had enslaved. Everything was flawless. With only one death (the priest) on trash mobs, I’d say it was the most successful PuG I’ve ever been in hands down.:-D

When the dust had settled, I walked away with [Tunic of the Ranger Lord], aka the only reason I would ever run Magisters’ Terrace. With that piece, I officially retired my Beast Lord armor set. T5-quality item is amazing.

Two hours later, some guildmates asked if someone could help them with Kael’thas on normal mode, so I hopped on. It was pretty straightforward also, but all of us died except the paladin tank at 15%. All he had to do was kept healing himself and just smack Kael’thas when the gravity lapse was down. At 2%, the gravity lapse went down, and our tank had a 2000 critical hit and ended the fight. That was pretty incredible to watch too. It reminded me of the time when a restoration shaman solo’d Kael’thas from 10% on during another fight.:-)

I think Kael’thas should have learned his lesson by now.


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  1. I think that every person has a Kael’Thas experience just like you described. It’s one of those fights where it’s not over until everyone has dropped, as long as you make it to that second phase.

    And congratulations on the upgrade! I know that I’ve been hoping for Garona’s Signet for my hunter. I bought the Chocobow for her, though, since I was in a regular Tier 5 raid and already was sporting my T4 leggings. And I think it’s awesome that you considered the greatest upgrade over what everyone else is snagging; that shows foresight and it’s an awesome thing to have.

    16 June 2008 at 13:10

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