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5 Yards Out, Furiously

Meet Anejon.

Anejon, Level 14 Gnome Warrior

Anejon is a level 14 Gnome warrior currently 0/5/0 Fury (not that it really matters at this low). She was born out of my friend’s desire to have herself embodied in a WoW character. She chose the race and the class. Without any idea of a suitable name, she used an anagram of her own name. You may be able to figure out what it was originally…

Leveling her has been an interesting experience. I pretty much solo’d her up to this point without the help of others other than random acts of kindness from other players. Playing a melee character is kinda nervewracking sometimes since I can’t react fast enough when in close range. I’m used to being able to see things from far away and being able to track things.

Things I miss not playing a hunter:

  • Mob tracking. You really take this for granted until you realize you don’t know where the mobs you want to kill are because you can’t track things.
  • Pets. Things are more personal now that I don’t have a pet. It used to be that mobs would have to take me and my pet down, but now I have to learn how to manage mobs by myself while not drawing aggro from nearby ones.

My plans for Anejon? If all goes well, I’d like to learn how to tank instances when needed. Right now, leveling is a pain because I’m not dealing out enough damage. I’d prefer not to powerlevel because then I won’t learn how to tank at all, so any suggestions on leveling a warrior are welcome.


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  1. My goodness, tracking! After playing my first and only hunter religiously for almost a year, turning around to play another class without tracking drove me absolutely bonkers! I miss that oh-so-very much.

    Concerning leveling a warrior, I’m working on that right now with my dear Teca. I started out trying to level as a strange Protection-Fury build that I thought would allow me to tank successfully while doing damage, but it was horrible and I cried. If you’re looking to level and level quickly, go Fury and stay Fury. You’ll notice the real punch when you hit the 40s and warriors start hitting that slump where spec becomes more important. You can also tank pretty well in the early-to-late Azeroth dungeons without being Protection and you’ll level much quicker (just make sure to carry a shield with you!). My goal is to switch to Protection come Outland so that I can really get tanking down.

    The thing about warriors is that they’re extremely gear dependent and running with gear even two to four levels out of date will harm you. You can do it — I’m proof of that since I’m loathe to spend gold on gear pre-70! — but it’s more difficult. The Fury build I’m working on right now will take me to the low 50s, at which point I’ll probably start putting points in the Arms tree for added damage or even start considering the Protection tree for off-tanking.

    5 June 2008 at 10:16

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