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I Am Not Prepared

All heroic instances are not created equal.

This is especially true for Heroic Arcatraz and Heroic Magisters’ Terrace.

I tried to run Heroic Magisters’ Terrance twice this weekend to see if I can actually handle it. It was actually the first time I’ve tried to run it because of all the horror stories I’ve heard about it. The first boss, Selin Fireheart, isn’t that much harder compared to normal mode. It just seems that a lot of people prefer burning him instead of getting the crystals. The first time I went, the group could not get Vexallus at all. For some reason we kept dying after the fourth wave of adds. It didn’t help that they hotfixed the encounter so that you can’t stand on the candle posts to discharge the electricity to the ground. This happened during the second run also for several tries, but our tank had the genius idea of having the mage not dps at all (because adds spawn every 15% or so) so Vexallus wouldn’t spawn adds too fast, and the mage can get them slowly without getting too much debuff. It worked like a charm.

Next up was Priestess Delrissa. It’s been tricky on normal; it’s still tricky on heroic. Crowd control was messy, and everything was chaos. Trapping is hard here, especially when there’s no aggro table. The key is to pre-trap. Set up the freezing trap on the path of the incoming mob. We had the mage sheep-pull and blink back to the group. The target that was supposed to be trapped went straight to it. We burned down Delrissa, then the mage spamming blizzard. Keep the sheep and ice trap up. Talent points in Clever Traps and 2 pieces of Beast Lord Armor actually help here because your cooldown will expire before the trap does. Again, it worked like a charm, and we learned it after multiple wipes.

I’ve yet to down Kael’thas on heroic mode, so we’ll skip that for now…

Heroic Arcatraz is just a pain overall. Everything does exponentially greater damage than in normal mode. They don’t use this dungeon as [Trial of the Naaru: Tenacity] for nothing. Our warrior tank sometimes did not hold enough aggro and kept dying. I had to resort to using Misdirection whenever I can so that he can hold the aggo. Apparently many groups choose to skip Zereketh the Unbound because he just puts out too much shadow damage in addition to the void circles. Every time that thing spawned on me, I’m back down to about 3% health. We managed to just dps him slowly and finally kill him. Everything went pretty much smoothly other than a few mishaps all the way to the demon boss pair. Dalliah went down pretty straightforwardly, but Soccothrates’ charge and fire kept killing our tank. We had to try it 3 times and keep telling the tank to back away from the wall so he wouldn’t get trapped in the fire. After more deaths along the way, and the premature aggro of the last boss, the group just fell apart.

I guess I don’t have the tenacity yet…


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