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Who is Valanos?

Just exactly who is Valanos, the namesake of [Valanos’ Longbow]?

A quick search on Google won’t give you the answer, but a search on Google Images does.

Kodo and stag? HA! Try hunting clefthoof and talbuk.

Valanos is a Draenei hunter (presumably one of the best). This makes sense somewhat. The design of the Longbow has the same rounded blockiness effect that Draenei structures have (e.g. Shattrath). Given that the Draenei were given the power of the Light and its abilities, it also makes sense that the bow has an intellect buff. The quote above indicates that he is most likely from Outland rather than Exodar. However, his pet is apparently a bear, which is not native to Outland. The only other bears I know of in Outland are kept by the Mag’har and Rexxar, Champion of the Horde.

His trading card is part of the Through the Dark Portal card set from the TCG. The sigil on Valanos’ head is the effect of the Gift of the Naaru racial ability. Interestingly enough, he isn’t pictured with his bow. Anyone know what swords he is holding?

Valanos, Draenei hunter, with his pet bear

Unfortunately, we don’t know where he is in World of Warcraft. If his bow is a world drop, it may be that he’s no longer alive. Speculations?


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  1. Eilonthay

    This is one of those mysteries that I wish Blizzard would take 5 minutes to flesh out, especially since a face has been attached to the name and it’s associated bow. It’s frustrating that they have gone as far as they have and not finished the “tale”.

    I dig his swords and wish that my draenei hunter could have them in homage to him, since she already had his bow at one point. Though it is a world drop (presumably from the BC mobs), hers dropped off a demon while she was doing the Shattered Sun Offensive dailies. Hmm…maybe he was working with the SSO to regain the Sunwell? That aside, I’ve never been able to find his swords, though there is always hope that they may exist.

    My best guess is that if we’re able to have his bow from random places in the BC world, he’s probably dead…so despite having looked everywhere for him during my travels, I’m probably wasting my time. Still, hunting is what hunters do best, and what better past time than to have your hunter hunt another hunter? (say that 5 times fast!) However, since he is not pictured with his bow, which is a rather distinct blue-green with purple, it’s possible that he lost it in battle. I don’t know what he thinks he’s doing fighting things with swords instead of another bow, but it’s obvious he means business. It could just be that that’s the most current photo anyone had of him and he just didn’t have the bow on him at the time because he was in the middle of combat practice. Hopefully not against a rogue. He won’t learn much while being stun-locked.

    I have always wondered where he got the bear since I’ve never seen a bear anywhere in Outland. I’ve never seen the Mag’har ones and I didn’t know that Rexxar had one (although now that I read some of his lore, maybe he picked it up in Kalimdor somewhere). Since the draenei landed in northern Kalimdor, it is likely that Valanos wandered southeast to Darkshore to establish connections with the night elves in Auberdine and stumbled upon the great furry creatures in the forests beyond. After that, it would be rather natural to suppose that he traveled south to Ashenvale and eventually saw his way to the Barrens. Ashenvale would be the closest place to see stag and the Barrens to see kodo. He’s right, though: stag and kodo are nothing against the size and orneriness of clefthoof and talbuk! From the statement alone, I can only surmise that he is immensely skilled to hunt a clefthoof or a pick out a talbuk from a herd and survive to do it again.

    Where he may have gone after that, I can only guess, but I’d like to think that he is still wandering the world with his bear. It’s better than the less favorable alternative, a.k.a. Death. Too bad he’s not a hunter trainer—I wouldn’t mind learning from him, since he seems to know what he’s doing!

    Also, this is a great blog and when I was doing a lore search on Valanos, I ended up here right off the bat! ^_^

    16 March 2010 at 18:59

  2. i had the bow, it was pretty good while i was Marksman :V on BC
    and after that i sold it went Survival hur, back then survival hunters could resist stuns and pawn rogues on melee combat with deterrence, readyness and wing clip spam hahaha, i miss BC talent trees :’)

    21 July 2010 at 21:28

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