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Respect the Marksmen

In lieu of our friend Rilgon, I’ll make a rant post on behalf of marksman hunters.

This past weekend, being a holiday weekend and all, I was able to get myself raiding again for the first time since spring break. It kinda helps now that summer vacation has started again, and schoolwork isn’t constantly breathing down my neck.

I’ve been wanting to dip my feet into Gruul’s Lair for sometime, but my guild’s raid schedule hadn’t been working too well for me. So as I was sitting in Shattrath after doing the daily heroic, I hopped on at a chance of joining a PuG for the raid. Lately, I’ve sort of been following a “don’t ask, don’t tell” in terms of my dps viability in a raid. I don’t want to announce I’m a marksman. Trueshot Aura may give it away sometimes, but that’s up to the raid leader to decide. I don’t want people to be babbling about respeccing a BM hunter. Why? Because my dps right now is hovering 585-590 (though some of my gear aren’t enchanted yet). So this PuG needed 2 hunters for the 25-man raid. I didn’t want to compromise my chances. The other hunter was indeed a BM. Both of us were assigned to tank Kiggler the Crazed during the Maulgar fight. After a quick rundown from the leader of what I was supposed to do, we pulled. Two false starts (partly due to the lack of using Ventrilo) caused us to wipe. The third pull worked like a charm.

So what did I notice? The point of having hunters tanking him is that our damages are high enough that we can almost certainly toss aggro back and forth between each other without him aggroing other members of the raid. Sound easy? The problem is, as a marksman, I’m obviously getting more threat with my massive amounts of damage. I’d say for most of the duration of our tanking Kiggler, I had the aggro instead of the BM hunter. I can tell the healer was having a ball trying to keep my health up. I had to use Feign Death a couple of times just to avoid getting stomped.

I also wanted to go back to Kara after some time. I had been late for the guild run, but another guildmate was putting another group together with some of his friends. I hopped aboard the group with a few PuGs. It was a pretty efficient run. Even with a false start on Maiden, we still managed to down her with just 2 deaths. We had a problem with Nightbane, and since we wanted a quick run, we decided to skip it after a wipe. At Shade of Aran, we got him down to 1% and wiped. The second try was much better. It was also amazing to see arcane resistance on my cat at work.

Again, I was in the group with only 1 other hunter, a BM. The druid in our group kept complaining that someone is using Aimed Shot in their rotation. At first I thought it was the other hunter who was doing it because I don’t use it except for opening shots sometimes. And then after he kept complaining, I realized he was doing so because he was seeing the healing debuff on the mobs. I did open some rotations with an Aimed Shot, but I only do that for single mobs that take a lot of damage to kill. He claims that using Aimed Shot even at the opening is a lame idea. Seriously? Marksmen rely on high damage output. I’m constantly higher in damage output than any BM hunter I’ve raided with, and my dps is only 5 points below them on average. And this is even with most of my things not enchanted and them having all epics, while I still have some dungeon blues and a green.

Shot rotation macro? No, thanks. This druid continued to pester me about having a shot rotation macro. Personally, I advocate no macro so that I can actually have a feel for the rotation itself. (This is probably one of the few things I agree with BRK on.) What good is a shot rotation macro if all you do is press 1 or 2 buttons and can’t adapt to sudden situations. How many times have I been able to use a Silencing Shot in dungeons in time to interrupt a Polymorph or AoE spellcast? Our shot rotation requires more attention than the 1:1 Auto/Steady rotation. The fact that we also rely on high damage from Arcane and Multi Shots makes learning to put them into a good rotation that much more valuable. People need to stop assuming that everyone who raids is a BM and has to use a macro to maximize dps.

The other people in the raid were with me on this, and it seemed they were pretty annoyed with the druid’s complaining also. I ran too far ahead of the group and aggroed a mob group too early and got stomped. Sure enough, the druid decided to point out my carelessness. Everyone else just said, “You’re just jealous you’re not the one who did it.”

[Leggings of the Fallen Hero] from Gruul and [Drape of the Dark Reavers] from Aran dropped, but I got outrolled by the other hunters by 1 on both instances. /cry

My upgrade of the weekend was 25 badges for [Blood Knight War Cloak].


2 responses

  1. I had to laugh while reading this, because you sound like I did about two years ago, prior to when the expansion came out. I was a relative neophyte hunter at the time, running around with a Beast Mastery build — which was apparantly a huge faux pas outside of the Battlegrounds. I remember in particular one hunter exclaiming that I’d never get to raid on my hunter because I didn’t have Aimed Shot. True, I only hit Molten Core on my hunter a handful of times, but I remember having a blast and being pretty darn close to topping the meters despite having subpar gear and a build in the red-headed, step child tree.

    I think it’s amazing how the class has changed so much since when I first rolled my hunter — and I can’t even imagine how it changed during the two years before when the game was first available to play.

    My feeings towards anyone who raids without being in a competative end-game guild is that if they can put out the damage required to down the boss with minimal pain, it shouldn’t matter the build. Mind you, I am going to look down on people who show up to raids in PvP builds, but I’m an opinionated individual. Fun times!

    With Kiggler, I’m surprised that you feigned during the fight. The idea is for two designated people to remain at the top of the list, so that one gets sheeped while the other is attacked. Even if you can quickly climb through the threat to reclaim the first or second slot, any time you and your fellow hunter (or Balance druid, as we liked to use) aren’t in the first two slots is a chance for a healer to get either sheeped or attacked — which is always bad. In the future, recommend that the Kiggler tanks have a designated healer that heals them exclusively; with Aspect of the Wild the amount of damage you should take is usually very minimal, especially as a kal’dorei hunter with innate Nature Resistance.

    29 May 2008 at 11:40

  2. If I remember correctly, I was getting sheeped like no other because I was almost always above the BM hunter threatwise. Also, I feigned because the healers weren’t as quick as I’d like them to be. The first two pulls kinda went sour also because of that. I kept dying while the rest of Maulgar’s adds were being burned. It might have been because it was a PuG, but that couldn’t be helped at the time.

    For some reason, I always forget that lightning is a Nature-based attack, hence Aspect of the Wild didn’t cross my mind. Thanks for the pointer.

    29 May 2008 at 16:40

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