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Unique Snowflake

Kinless and Lass took the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology. It looked interesting, so I gave it a shot.


EASK players often live by the phrase ‘The journey is often more enjoyable than the destination.’ They are motivated by meeting the challenges of the world, but they are usually in no rush–because seeing the creatures and places of the world is even more fun.

Breakdown: Achiever 60.00%, Explorer 86.67%, Killer 0.00%, Socializer 53.33%

The game that has the highest proportion of people like you (EASK) is Neverwinter Nights II. You chose which which is not amongst the top 10 choices for your type. Perhaps you’re a unique snowflake, or maybe we just don’t know enough people like you.

See? Not much of a PvPer.


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