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How to (Not) Kite

Revoke my hunting license now. Please.

I’m a failure at kiting. I thought I knew all my abilities, but I even forgot about Frost (not Freezing) Trap.

What was I trying to kite?

The Magisters’ Terrace Phoenix.

I managed to finally get a PUG for Magisters’ Terrace quickly enough. Usually I don’t get to run it because I’m not often long enough after my dailies. The tank and healer were from one guild, and all the dps (including me) were PUGed. The group consisted of a protection paladin, holy paladin, 2 combat rogues, and marksman hunter (me). It wasn’t until we got to Kael’thas that I noticed I was the only ranged dps. In my mind, I could already see that this wouldn’t go very well. We’ve gone through the entire instance without me having to trap anything because the rogues could sap 2 while we burn down the other mobs in a pull. I think that’s partly what helped us kill Priestess Delrissa and her groupies.

At Kael’thas, I was the obvious choice to kite the phoenix because the rogues would get destroyed by the fire AoE. I was willing to try it out despite knowing how rusty I am at kiting. Attempt 1: accidentally cornered myself and got torn apart by the aforementioned AoE. Attempt 2: phoenix was too close for comfort, destroyed by AoE again. At this point, I can tell the tank was getting a bit frustrated with me and had the idea of kiting the phoenix up the rear ramp. Why not? Attempt 3: tried kiting and couldn’t get aggro fast enough, so healer died. Tank scolded me for not grabbing aggro and not putting down Frost Trap to slow the phoenix down. (I had used Concussive Shot before, but completely forgot about the trap.) Last attempt: trap down, kite the phoenix to the bottom of the ramp, set off trap, dps it down and kill the egg. That went a bit better, but Phase 2 of the fight hit, and we just don’t have enough ranged dps to down Kael’thas.

So much for that. No [Hauberk of the War Bringer] for me.

There was a bit of a consolation, however. I had just finished the Outland portion of the Shattered Sun dailies when a guildmate asked if anyone wanted to run Shadow Labyrinth. At first I kinda ignored it, but then I realized I still don’t have a [Sonic Spear]. I quickly typed “/g” and jumped on the bandwagon. The run went flawlessly, and we got to Murmur in no time. I don’t get to run many instances nowadays, so I was ecstatic when the spear finally dropped for me. Suppose I should go enchant it now.

You’re welcome to still take away my hunting license though.


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  1. Don’t worry, it was a looong time before I got the nuances of kiting down and I’m still sorta iffy on it in tight spaces.

    Learning to jump-shot will make your life easier; BRK had some movies and stuff on it if you’re not sure how.

    Oh, and big grats on Sonic Spear!

    22 April 2008 at 07:30

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