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41 Yards Out, Marksman Style

This week, my friend and I got input from our guild on hunter talenting. Both of us started out as marksman hunters, but my friend respecced to beast mastery not long ago as he was approaching level 70. I’ve stayed a marksman the entire time I’ve played.

As I was working my way up to level 70, I ended up with a 0/57/4 spec. It’s not the best or most efficient type of specs, and it wouldn’t even come close to any of the tested and proven specs out there. As I was pondering a more thoughtful respec, I was thinking of how I should spec myself. No matter what I considered, I couldn’t convince myself to switch to beast mastery. Yes, it has the endorsements for an OMG-UBER-DPS spec, but it’s not at all for me.

After suggestions from our resident marksman hunter, I settled with a 7/42/12 variation. I’m sad to let go Improved Concussive Shot because that means I won’t be able to stun mobs to make mey pets’ jobs easier sometimes. I’m also sad to let go of Efficiency. After Patch 2.4’s apparent mana nerf, I think I will see a dramatic difference in mana sustainability by not having Efficiency. I was able to barely keep up mana with Aspect of the Viper on before, but I haven’t tried it yet with this new spec.

I am excited with 3 new additions though:

  1. Focused Fire
  2. Hawk Eye
  3. Clever Traps

Focused Fire will be my first time digging into beast mastery tree. Let’s see how much damage I can pour out after this.  With Hawk Eye 3/3, I get +6 yards of range! (Time to change my blog’s name?)

After Pike’s obligatory post on chain trapping, I’d really like to be able to utilize my trapping a bit more, so Clever Traps is a perfect way to do that. I’ve already been told by a fellow guildie when I first ran an instance with him that he was surprised I was trapping so effectively. Practice makes perfect, especially when you run a lot of PUGs. *grin*


3 responses

  1. People get more impressed when you chain trap with no trapping talents. :P

    7/48/6 for life, IMO. :)

    7 April 2008 at 23:07

  2. To be honest if I were to spec Marks I would probably pick the 5/5 Efficiency over Imp Hunter’s Mark. And I say this as an Imp Hunter’s Mark devotee. But if I were going Marks and relying more on things like special shots I think I’d rather have the mana save. Really though, I can’t say for sure what I’d recommend, because I haven’t been Marks in a long time! And it all does come down to personal preference.

    Also if I were going Marks I think I’d go 0/41/20 for fun Survival goodies… actually 0/31/30 has been sort of tempting me lately, I think that’d be a super fun spec to play around with and I think I might give it a shot sometime soon.

    10 April 2008 at 01:41

  3. When I read 0/57/4 I was thinking I would see a mess of a talent tree. You actually did pretty good avoiding useless talents and not doing the 1 point here 1 point there that usually happens. Your new talent build looks fairly solid depending on what you’re doing.

    This is probably a really good instance and battleground build. It will probably work well for some arenas as well. However, it is not a good solo build. Unless you have a more solid tank than your pet, you’ll be doing half your fighting in melee. Assuming that’s what you were going for, I do have a few suggestions.

    The biggest thing is that you’re not doing anything for your pet at all, except for Imp Hunter’s Mark. If you’re going that far, I think you should drop it for Efficiency since you’re doing to be using a lot of special shots. If you’re taking it for your raid, I’d suggest your BM friend take it instead as he’ll get greater benefit from it.

    Without Go for the Throat, you’re losing most of the benefits of a focus dump (if you have one, and you should). From what I’ve seen, 2 points in this talent, gives about 1% increase in pet damage for each 1% crit you have (capping at about 20-25% crit). That’s a lot of damage for 2 points, and worth dropping 2 from Barrage or 2 from Imp Arcane if you do lots of BGs.

    Best of luck.

    10 April 2008 at 10:41

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