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One of the Big Boys

How long did it take you to reach level 70?

The /played on Loronar is 16 days, 11 hours, 53 minutes, 43 seconds at ding.

In real life’s time, my account was created on August 16, 2007, and level 70 was reached on January 17, 2008. That’s 20 weeks, excluding the 2 weeks I didn’t play because of winter vacation.

Since then, I’ve accumulated 4 more days of playtime.

What did I do to celebrate level 70?

  1. Equipped [Valanos’ Longbow], a gift from my friend.
  2. Bought my [Golden Gryphon] at Wildhammer Stronghold.
  3. Went to the hunter trainer in Stormwind to finish training all the cool abilities like Misdirection.
  4. Put my last talent into Monster Slaying (Rank 2).
  5. Grouped up with friends, entered into 12 arena matches, and won 2 of them!
  6. Bought all the heroic keys except for Tempest Keep.

This was all at like midnight…haha.

Then I stopped playing for about a month until spring break started. During that 1 week, I accumulated 1000g, finished all the quests in Blade’s Edge Mountains, got halfway through Revered with Cenarion Expedition, became Revered with Honor Hold, became Honored with the Sha’tar for heroic Tempest Keep key, entered Caverns of Time and attuned myself to Karazhan, and ran Karazhan.

To top it off, that spring break ended with receiving my ultimate prize since first creating my character: [Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix].

It was quite a wild ride.


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  1. grats on 70!

    6 April 2008 at 11:01

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