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Hallow’s End, New Discoveries

First of all, thanks to BRK and Mania for linking to Ranger’s Bow. I never intended for the site to be high traffic, but some people have taken an interest in reading it regularly, which is a good thing!

Second of all, thanks to all who commented on my previous posts. While I rarely write a response comment, I do read them all and am glad that the topics I write about have some relevance to people’s experiences. Thanks also for the recommendations on how I can be a better hunter. :]

On Monday night, I went over to Curse and downloaded the latest version of Omen. I can finally track how much aggro I’m pulling off my pet now and am being more careful about it. Yesterday, I was killing Southsea Pirates in Tanaris for quests. I remember a week ago when I kept pulling the aggro off my pet after several crits, but now I’ve been able to keep them at a distance. With Mend Pet rank 3, I was also able to manage accidentally pulling off 4 mobs at the same time without dying. After some quick switching between melee and ranged, I killed all 4 pirates in no time. I thought this was definitely an improvement and decided to go ahead and solo Andre Firebeard and the surrounding 3 mobs to finish off the quest for his head. Normally I’d be a bit hesitant to do this because I’ve never been able to manage crowds that well before, but learning crowd control and using a threat meter helps very much now.

I then ran Zul’Farrak with my new add-on. Got quite a kick out of it because I could now see how threat works in a party.

With Hallow’s End ending, I guess I never ended up having the time or the drive to do the Wickerman Festival quest in Tirisfal. And I still have 28 Hallow’s End candies in my bag… I hope your Hallow’s End was more filled with scary stuff than mine! Winter Veil starting soon?

On the other hand, I spent my Hallow’s End exploring and questing in the Hinterlands yesterday. Home to the Wildhammer clan dwarves, this place is teeming with gryphons! It reminds me of Warcraft II‘s Gryphon Rider units. There was no problem solo-questing here since most of the mobs I found were already green by the time I got there. I think it’s annoying how quests you pick up in Tanaris leads you here… It’s like on opposite ends of Azeroth, and there’s no direct way to get there.

As a final note, I’d like to mention a few additions to my blogroll. I don’t know how I didn’t add this before, but Mania’s Arcania is a good read. She is the creator of Petopia, and her blog is a must read for frequent updates on new patch 2.3 discoveries. Outland Bound discusses a issues with etiquette in PUGs and is definitely a good read for kicks and for learning how to PUG better. Psycho & Chaos has two hunters: Alliance and Horde. The last two blogs I found through BRK’s blog promotion post, and I’m glad I discovered them. It’s fun to read alongside players who also have lower-level characters like mine. Totems ‘R Us is a shaman blog, one of the few out there. I thought I’d put it in just for the diversity. :]

Happy November!


3 responses

  1. I love Omen… so helpful for hunters (and everybody else for grouping)

    1 November 2007 at 11:24

  2. I’m glad to see that someone else is also just learning about threat and aggro management. I find it so fascinating as I learn how to control my DPS and watch the mobs stay right on the tank (or my pet) just like I want them to.Keep up the good work. I hope to hear more about your findings.

    1 November 2007 at 22:32

  3. Thank’s for the add on the Blogroll. Have yours linked up as well. Sometimes being so busy makes it hard to keep track of everything. I know I need to add a alot of things to mine.

    2 November 2007 at 12:52

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