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Exploration Adventures

My curiosity took me to interesting places the past few days: The Blasted Lands and areas I’ve yet to explore in Stranglethorn Vale.

I had just finished doing some quests that got me Exodar reputation in Swamp of Sorrows and decided to go back to finish off the Gelkis/Magram chain in Desolace. So I went the usual route through Deadwind Pass to Darkshire to fly off to the nearest harbor. But before I made it to the flight point, there was a quest giver who wanted me to deliver something to Nethergarde Keep. After getting some pointers from friends, I decided how hard could it be? I mounted up and went to The Blasted Lands, dodging some Horde NPCs guarding the Swamp of Sorrows flight point. The path was relatively straight forward, and soon enough I finished the quest as well as getting the Nethergarde flight point. Blasted Lands seemed to me like pictures I’ve seen of Outland. I can’ t wait until I get there, granted I should get Burning Crusade first…

I got bored yesterday and looked at my Stranglethorn Vale map and noticed the big island kind of attached to the Cape of Stranglethorn. I thought it was strange that I’ve been there many times and haven’t been able to get that part of the map to show, so I decided to go find out what else was there. I ran into a druid who was questing for Akiris Reed, so I helped him out even though I finished that quest already. We stumbled into the holy water spring on that island that gave me the exploration experience. But more than that, we also spotted the rare mob Naga Lord Sakrasis. Killing him was pretty straightforward, and we were also rewarded with [Talisman of the Naga Lord].

After grouping, we decided to go questing for Zanzil Mixtures. It was quite a pain doing this, especially since we wiped a few times because of the random quick spawns happening. I probably should’ve practiced my trapping, but the situation almost got out of hand a few times. The find of the night was more exciting: the world drop [Dazzling Longsword]. At first I thought my eyes were playing with me when the name was purple, but they definitely were not. First epic find! I didn’t win the roll, but finding the sword itself was pretty exciting.


One response

  1. Very nice, STV is also where my boyfriend and I saw our first epic drop.

    19 October 2007 at 09:20

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