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Following the Crowd

A lot of people are picking up on the 2.3.0 patch notes story, so I guess I’ll just mention a few things I noticed.

It seems like they’re making a lot of changes to Stranglethorn Vale’s environment (for the better?) to try to make it less annoying. Rebel Camp is now an Alliance flight point, which I’m not sure is a good thing if the only it’ll do is draw more Horde campers. I am excited about the removal of Elite status from the ogres though. It’s just in time for me to do the Mai’Zoth quest.

Not sure about the new dungeon level range adjustment and new meeting stone requirements yet. It’s definitely going to reduce the number of level 70s running newer characters through dungeons.

The exciting changes for hunters will be Trueshot Aura’s new status as a real aura, Arcane Shot change, and Serpent Sting. Perhaps the increase in Serpent Sting damage will make hunters a better DpS class. This kinda makes me rethink Loronar’s talent build as a Marksman (for which I’ll probably get some rap for not going Beast Mastery as endorsed by Big Red Kitty), especially in considering whether or not Improved Stings would be something worth investing in.

Speaking of talents, I had to respec yesterday after going through most of level 40 without Trueshot Aura. The reason? I was putting talents into Improved Aspect of the Hawk, to which Someone responds that it may not be as versatile as I thought it would be. I was also putting talents into Hawk Eye, which increases my range. Needless to say, I can no longer properly judge range for starting Auto Shot since I no longer have the 6 extra yards…

So many talents! I wish I could just learn them all.


4 responses

  1. Improved Aspect of the Hawk is one of those talents where it really depends on how lucky you are… for me, it procs all the time and I wouldn’t roll without it. But a lot of other people only see it proc at the end of a fight or something and so for them it’s useless. So I’d say it’s personal preference.Hawk Eye is mostly good for PvP, in my experience anyway… I haven’t needed it really in PvE.

    12 October 2007 at 07:28

  2. I’m excited by the new email attachment allowing up to 12 items. I pass items between alts all the time to empty bags and sell on AH. Mailing 1 at a time is a bit of a drag.

    16 October 2007 at 07:46

  3. Rebel Camp a flight path?!OMG! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/happydance/victorydance/petemote OMG: JUMPIN JESUS/yell YEAH!!!!!!!!!!/yell YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/cheer/celebrate over/whew/tired-Pea

    16 October 2007 at 19:22

  4. Corwyn

    If you are lucky to skew the statistics over tens of thousands of shots, buy a lottery ticket.

    I just respeced to include improved aspect of the hawk for, what I hope, are sound mathematical reasons. I have an unbuffed shot speed of 1.18, when quick shots (IAotH), and I pop Rapid Fire, I have a speed of 0.74. This is more damage from just autoshot, than the much talked about steady-autoshot shot rotation, at zero mana expenditure.

    That said, in order for IAotH to be a benefit, you need a fast bow or gun, and long fights. If your fights aren’t at least 15 seconds I wouldn’t bother.

    I don’t find many occasions when an extra 6 yards would benefit me. YMMV. The three yards in the other direction are going to be most welcome.

    Thank You Kindly,

    for Kafsha and Shaelee

    31 October 2007 at 18:02

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